yes - that is a good one. Not been in there for a long time though

when I was 18 we used to always put on the longest songs for value. Autobahn was a favourite.

Another good thing is when you go to an old man pub and they only have 60s and 70s stuff on the jukebox, so whatever you put on they love it and get all, “Wow, young people who are into real music!” and instantly become your friends.

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We used to put Dark Side of the Moon on in its entirety. See also Leonard Cohen albums.

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200? Where’s home?

please say somewhere near cambridge please say somewhere near cambridge

Autobahn’s a safer Kraftwerk pick that say Tour De France :smile:

There was a heavy metal pub we used to go to in order to get served as a wee 16 yr old, we would always put this on:

Although, they got a new jukebox and this was’t on it. Shame. Moved onto Elton.

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I can’t hear this song without being reminded of:

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theres a pub in Manchester which has an absolutely shit load, like pretty much the whole of Blood Brothers back catalogue as well

theres a metal pub called GRAND CENTRAL in Manchester which still has Mushroomhead and Spineshank on there

Been to one on princess street called Joshua Brooks that had a great selection and a pool table…

i never knew Joshue Brooks had a jukebox haha. used to do a good football quiz there though, populated by very smug people who cheered if they got Mustapha Hadji right or something

Came here to mention the jukebox at the Trent House. It was free as well, if memory serves

They might not now, this was probably about seven or eight years ago and according to their website that had only reopened in September after some refurbishments - love a good quiz though! I’d be pretty chuffed if I got a Mustapha Hadji question right though…

went to the garrett once and someone had just put loads and loads of slipknot on. that was bad. i remember the corbierres jukebox being good but ive not been there for a long time

It might actually be the Garrett that I’m thinking of…

Old Sal in Nottingham (metal pub) has a jukebox, but last time I went someone had put a whole Rod Stewart album on as we were ordering drinks so we didn’t stay long

I remember being impressed that they had Merriweather Post Pavilion

first time I went Garrett the jukebox played a Minus the Bear and then a Be Your Own Pet song in succession so I wa slike “I could get used to it here”. never heard anything remotely good since

yeah I think it will be, dont think JB has pool tables

Is that the one underneath Oxford Road station?