Julia Holter









i never listened to the last one because i thought the single sounded too much like vampire weekend

this was probably a stupid decision. was this a stupid decision?


It was a stupid decision :+1:

All of her albums are at least 8.5/10s imo…


Julia Holter the LA singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist confirms December UK & Ireland shows,

Manchester Gorilla, 06 Dec
Bristol Fiddlers Club, 07
Dublin The Button Factory, 08
London EartH Hackney Arts Centre, 12

Tickets on sale Friday (07 September)

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Thanks! London, Manchester or both for me.


England and Ireland.



Low, Tim Hecker, The Field, Cloud Nothings, Marissa Nadler and this are the the big releases for me this autumn. Looking very good.


Ending of that single is mad. Brilliant suff.


Wish she was doing Birmingham. Though, in fairness, her last Brum show (which was EXCELLENT ofc) was so poorly marketed


Are you talking about Feel You? Cos wait a minute… I’ve never properly listened to Vampire Weekend but I had no idea they sounded like that. If so I’m checking them out right now.


Love that track - over 5 minutes but I just want it to carry on and on.


maybe, I can’t recall. I’m going to be honest with you though, it was a snap judgement that probably had zero basis in reality and there’s a strong possibility it doesn’t sound anything like vampire weekend


Plus @noise_ramones

I love her last album…but it was something of a surprise to me as I didn’t really take to Feel You or Sea Calls Me Home at first. They’ve grown on me now…but still not a patch on Silhouette, Lucette Stranded…, Betsy, Night Song etc.


that’s her best song by a mile!

(haven’t gotten into her that much on a wider scale)


Great news. Love her and can’t wait to see her live again. A consistently excellent artist.


Just lay on bed, super tired and with a bit of a chill, listening to Tragedy



Wow. This is so good.