Julia Holter

So happy with this - she’s the best.

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I Shall Love 2 might be the best song I’ve heard so far this year

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Man, starts off so-so but that ending is :fire:

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Anyone who pre ordered heard anything about it being dispatched? Really hoping to give it a big listen this weekend.

listening on Bandcamp seeing as the CD didn’t arrive still

so glad that ‘I Would Rather See’ is here. That was one of my favourite of her lo-fi Soundcloud uploads from ages ago. :heart:

Her last album was fucking brilliant. I’m not a fan of her more avant stuff. But I would never ever compare those songs to yer’ Paul simon boys

Julia Holter, Paul Simon and Vampire Weekend are all brilliant, tbf.

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Agreed on Holter and Simon.

I liked the first two VW albums when they came out. Not heard in years. What am I missing?

Their third one is their best. Doesn’t sound much like Julia Holter though.

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I can’t wait to go for a walk on a nice evening listening to this

I just want to reiterate how glad I am that ‘I Would Rather See’ is here cause oh man it’s fucking amazing

parts of this sound great but i’m still getting a handle on it really. it’s so long
miss being a student and having enough free time to just walk around listening to really long albums

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Reminding me a lot of the last Bjork album for some reason.

It seems really dense and will take a while to get my head round it I think.

Maybe the fact that I’m not a bjork fan explains why I’m not getting along with this. Maybe it’s also the fact that I went in expecting it to be like wilderness. Where are the tunes?

She’s gone pretty left-field with this one ay?

I’m also finding the lack of tunes a bit of a struggle. Fleeting moments of brilliance but there isn’t enough to make me want to persevere with it. Still think she’s one of the best contemporary artists at balancing experimentalism and pop.

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Was somewhat interested this show but now am def watching it

Just remembered how great Have You In My Wilderness is. Will go down as a cult classic at the very least, what a record.