Julia Jacklin

This is now the Julia Jacklin thread

New tune out today. Am liking it.

Feel free to discuss her great music and being an all round good egg below.


I only discovered her music this year but it’s really top notch. Love that kind of slowcore country vibe and the dry wit in the lyrics. Liking this new song too.

Leadlight :heart: :heart: :heart:

When I saw her live I was worried I was blocking the view of the people behind me but couldn’t move because of who I was with, so spent most of the concert awkwardly half-squatting and found it hard to enjoy what otherwise seemed like a very good show. Would like to see her again one day.


Real fleetwood mac vibes at the 2min mark on the new song. I like her clever word play/structure on songs like ‘Body’, like the lyric “Without lighting up in the restroom, Got caught, cloud of smoke, thumb still on the light”. Good stuff


She’s brilliant. This performance is fantastic:

A particular favourite of mine is When The Family Flies In “working bees back to the hive”.

And let’s not forget about that great album from Phantastic Ferniture.


I had no idea this was a thing

New Christmas song. I like it.


Never heard this name. But I like her songs

New song out. I dig it.

Excited for album late August.


Tour dates

I might try for The Roundhouse

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Genuinely think that Strokes cover is one of the greatest covers of all time.

Agreed, it is very good

like this cover as well

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never heard of her today.

By watching the first minute of Lydia Wears a Cross video I made the assumption she was an Aussie.

Clever me, she is.

Forgot how good Crushing is, what an album.

Defo going to try see her again in the autumn.

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Another new song

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These new singles are all excellent, really excited about the new album

This good