Julia Ruzicka (Future Of The Left / Million Dead) - Painter Man Is Comin




The Picture of Delorean Gray (feat. Damien Sayell of The St. Pierre Snake Invasion)
Undervalue Love (feat. Guy McKnight formerly of The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster)
Big Hitter (feat. Billy Mason Wood of Blacklisters)
Painter Man Is Coming (feat. Black Francis of Pixies)
At The End of Everyday (feat. Kristian Bell of The Wytches)
Simple Too (feat. Rosie Arnold)
A Gift Nobody Wants (feat. Michael J Sheehy)
Songs In My Mind (feat. Chantal Lewis Brown of Vodun)
Sassessa (feat. Vinod Bhairo)
This Horse Needs Peace (Instrumental)


Sounds better than any of the new Pixies songs I’ve heard. Interesting list of collaborators too. Looks promising.




REALLY like this first track.


This is brilliant. Very exciting list of collaborators there too, can’t wait to hear them.


I forgot to post this at the time…

Another one!


7 out of 10 songs through - this is bloody amazing


*Link https://thisbecomesus.bandcamp.com/


LIKE THE FILM!!! :smiley:


This is really fucking good, isn’t it?



(I don’t know what this means)


Really really really really really good


brilliant. if only everyone from million dead went on to put out such great records…


Liked this.


Just FYI - we’ve got an interview with her going up on the site tomorrow.


Loving this!