Julien Baker

Seeing her do an in-store gig in Glasgow tomorrow and I am pretty excited for all the crying I’m going to do.

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Think I like the bits where she really belts it out the most. :heart: the end of Turn Out the Lights

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Same! Going to see her on Friday and CAN’T WAIT

I’m going on Friday, got myself a last minute ticket! So excited, I’ll have just finished a night shift so will be sleep deprived and emotional, ideal really.

Would be good to get a drink beforehand if you’re about!

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Yeah let’s do that - I wanna hear about your new project!

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Awesome! My number’s the same as before so drop me a message (or on Facebook)

She was absolutely incredible last night, GOTY material. She did a cover of this song and said it was good to play when she gets anxious on stage because it’s only 3 chords and involves some yelling.

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This album is absolutely brilliant. Incredibly bleak, but the songwriting, her voice and the instrumentation are just perfect. Hadn’t heard of her until recently so have unfortunately missed out on tickets to the London show, though would probably just spend the whole gig openly weeping.

Anyway, one of my favourite writers did a profile of her in The New Yorker which is good.

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She covered Audioslave at an in-store yesterday and it was INCREDIBLE. Like, got time for Cornell but didn’t think it was possible to make Audioslave sound not just good but actual shivers up the spine stuff.

She is frightening.

This new album’s sounding so good. Obviously doesn’t quite have the surprise factor the debut had (like, it sounded proper revelatory in its sparseness and intimacy with all that reverb) but the songs are ace. The back half in particular - Happy To Be Here, Hurt Less, that amazing closer…

Oh my gods she played accident prone last night :sob::sob::sob:

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Yeah this ^ - the bar was set pretty high with Sprained Ankle and for me the songs here don’t quite reach the same heights.


Great writing mate, really captures the intensity of the live show. The union chapel show was pretty transcendent, felt like what being at church must feel like for religious people. I’ve got a lot of vivid memories tied up with Sprained Ankle, and the opening harmonics of the title track genuinely brought tears to my eyes (and that almost never happens for me at shows).

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Thanks! If you hadn’t guessed that cover broke me (Also it’s me who shouted for it)

New NPR session is up



Lots of UK dates in March. Unfortunately all the ones I’ve seen are supporting belle & sebastian. Hopefully some nice headline dates will be slotted in somewhere.

Yea i’m going to see her in Notts supporting them as really wanted to see her. I hope its a good setting for her.

Not listened to b&S since Boy with the Arab Strap came out so don’t really know what to expect from them.

No UK but with a bit of luck I will have moved abroad by then

She’s playing die Elbe? Holy shit surely not the main room?!