Juliet, Naked

Sorry, skateboarding. The book is called ‘Slam’

The Wiki list of characters is real toe-curling stuff:

  • Sam Jones is a troubled 16-year-old skateboarder, Sam is scared and unprepared to be a father. His idol is Tony Hawk. He has a poster of him to whom he talks about skate tricks and his life. He has numerous dreams in which he is in the future, raising a child with Alicia.
  • Annie Jones - Sam’s 32-year-old mother. She has a hostile relationship with her ex-husband (Sam’s father). She struggles to raise Sam, and is devastated when she discovers his girlfriend, Alicia, is pregnant. She becomes involved with Mark, a man she once knew through work, and it is revealed later in the book that they have a child together.
  • Dave Jones - An uneducated plumber, Sam’s father has no interest in raising his son.
  • Rufus “Roof” Jones - Sam and Alicia’s unplanned child.
  • Alicia Burns - Sam’s girlfriend, who gets pregnant and refuses to have an abortion. She and Sam meet at her mother’s birthday party, though they get off to an awkward start due to Sam’s obvious flirting.
  • Andrea Burns - Alicia’s mother who is upset about the pregnancy. She is a Councillor in the Council organisation at which Annie is an employee. She is also teaching drama at college
  • Robert Burns - Alicia’s father who is upset about the pregnancy. He is a college professor.
  • Mark - The new boyfriend of Annie. It is revealed in a “flash forward” that Mark and Annie will raise another child together.
  • Rabbit - Sam’s skater friend who apparently has subhuman intelligence and reasoning skills, with excellent skating skills.
  • Rubbish - Sam’s other skater friend who is apparently smart, with horrible skating skills.
  • TH - Tony Hawk, his idol. Sam always talks to a poster of Tony that hangs in his room and Tony responds with a quote from his book. Tony’s advice eventually stops making sense to Sam and discourages him.
  • Alex - Sam’s girlfriend after he and Alicia split up.
  • Carl - Alicia’s boyfriend after she and Sam split up.
  • Emily - Annie’s baby who is born after Rufus. She is the sister of Sam.

O’Dowd is very likable though. Corden is just a cunt.


I’ve not read the book, but I think all three main leads are always watchable, and my girlfriend will go and see anything with Ethan Hawke in it, so I’ll probably end up seeing it, and will report back.

Sounds gnarly, dude.

Really hope his author photo on it was just like this:

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this looks great!!!

I will watch this because I love Ethan Hawke.

I imagine his portrayal of working class characters such as the “uneducated plumber” is not at all tone deaf.

Oh and Chris O’Dowd is a prat. That’s all I have for this thread.

Billy Corgan, Naked.

Him who makes those model cars?

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I remember reading that as a young adult! Reminded me of that searching for Eric film when I watched it years later

And I might watch because I love rose Byrne


He seems a good lad but its bizarre he’s ended up becoming a bit of a Hollywood star

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I thought the book was quite good. Partially because it did capture that internet music weirdo thing quite well. No offence intended.

What do you love about Rose Byrne? I have always had a bit of a crush on Ethan Hawke ever since:

Image result for dead poets society ethan hawke

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Cos she’s funny and she gives me a warm fuzzy feeling :heart_eyes:

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I’m also a fan of Ethan, he somehow feels
Like part of the family :grinning:

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I used to think Nick Hornby’s books were fucking boss when I was a wanky 15 year old, not read them since but I bet they’re well Radio 6 dad whacking material. About A Boy is still a great film tho, and High Fidelity might be also however not seen that in years so make no promises.

High Fidelity was identified as #problematic last year. But I love it. SO much better than the book.