July 19th



Galway liberated from Indians.


My birthday! :drooling_face:


hb bf!


Pietro Day



:zap: :umbrella: :zap:




My mum and brother were stopped by military and missed their flight to dubai, all because the car they were in had dark windows :tired_face: now i have to sort it even though I’m not sure how and probably will lose this temp assignment for taking a short notice day off, my poor mum was so worried and upset about it though so hopefully I can fix everything, that plane leaves once a day so it’s awkward to book around argh



Happy Birthday BF!


Happy birthday @brainfeeder

Stormz last night, yet feels muggy as fuck this Monington Crescent.

Meeting in the Rugby Signalling Centre today, don’t really need to be there but it’s a day out of the office.

Then tonight, football AGM. Will be taking minutes.


No storms in Nottingham yet but some scheduled for 2ish


Happy birthday @brainfeeder hope you have a lovely day.
It’s also my exes b’day, so I sent her a b’day message I think that’s ok.

Am aff tae the park wi Jackson :+1:


Working outside all day… Gonna be a fun day.


nice bit of thunder and some excellent rain for the garden at 3 in the morning,. Kids slept through it luckily.

Got to go and help at their school street party this afternoon, hoping it stays dry at least until 3.

Wearing my excellent new yellow top…SO SUNNY


Happy birthday @brainfeeder may all your dreams cometh true on this very special day!! :unicorn: :cake: :balloon: :birthday: :sunny: :mage:

To the rest of you… hi hello. Through the mystical medium of Maru I will reveal to you my current Morning status -


:heart: maru


It’s quiet in the office again today. I’m going to get my haircut and eat BBQ brisket later, which isn’t bad really.


Think ive done my back in, not good. Not muchbgoing on today until Pietro later. Pietro!!! So excited.




Maru? Great name for a cat.

Presumably named in honour of former Hampshire spinner Raj Maru?