July 19th

Not long til pietro!

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Going out to some new Vietnamese restaurant place later.
My healthy week ain’t really happening

I don’t like to flatter ladies really I feel like it’s super patronising.

My answer is heavily influenced by my hatred of fish and goats cheese.

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probably not a healthy opinion, sorry

even if you don’t have this i think i will. sounds A+

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i wish i looked like that too

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Imagine if we all looked like that :thinking:

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Got fucking soaked dropping four copies of the same form out to the County Council offices. Wasn’t raining when I left the house, turned into a fucking typhoon after ten minutes.

Going to make dinner soon, chicken and bacon, fried in butter and garlic with a tomato, basil, onion and garlic sauce with penne pasta. I do need cheese though…

I eh… I’m trying


I am finally doing a little bit of work, had way too many days without.

I’m sat looking out at the ocean though and really quite fancy going for a swim before the sun goes, but feel like I should finish this first.

Boring proofreading/editing at the moment, but by the end of the week I’m due to have finished an article about the role of the mother in horror films, for a feminist magazine. Should be pretty cool.


Oophft, I want to read that when you’re done! Can I? :blush:

It’ll be in Norwegian, I’m afraid. Might translate it and put it on my blog sometime though!

Working title: “Mother isn’t quite herself today” – The Monstrous Mother and Horror Films"

Aw yeah.

Haha!! AMAZING. And yeah, I figured it would be I thought I could maybe shove it in a translation thing for a rough idea but I know it’s not ideal at all at all. If you do translate it and put it on your blog let me know! Sounds excellent!

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Those fucking over unionised Germans!

Still chuckling at this. Great work.

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So irked it’s on 9 likes :triumph:

And I’m still at work half an hour later than I should be and my boss is slyly advocating that I cancel my two days off to attend my sisters graduation.

U.K. <3

@Witches :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

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she’s gorge in Love
this top :cupid: