July 2018 Politics thread

He appears on a platform with people that disgust me on a Weekly basis.
When’s he going to apologise for prime ministers question time.

Sorry you feel that way

Oh great, Yaxley-Lennon is free. My mum will be delighted.

Not even an italic you. You monster

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He’ll be an MP inside 3 years


Can’t wait to see what he does with all his American right wing nutjob money. I’m sure that’ll be good and helpful.

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Somehow (fuck knows, honestly) got a Patton Oswalt RT once and couldn’t use twitter for about 4 days. It was a joke about milo yiannopoulos and I had alt-righters coming at me for days.

Still, 3.5K RTs. #numbers

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anthony scaramucci followed me on twitter for 2 days exactly earlier this year

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this is true to some extent, but I honestly think it’s hard to separate the cart from the horse here. I know a lot of people who didn’t want Corbyn as leader precisely because of stuff like this. Appearances on Press TV, associations with obvious racists and, yes, the IRA stuff. So it makes sense that they would “signal-boost” something which, to their mind, proves their point.

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can any legal bods on DiS explain this?

cos i’d hate to think the violence and rioting we saw in london played a role in convincing the government/judiciary to make this decision.

Hang on, we need an August thread now don’t we?

I find this logic circuitous. The reason all of these spooky skeletons being dragged out of the closet beforehand was because they were supposed to prove he was electoral poison. I genuinely never heard anyone try to make the case that they didn’t want to support him because he was an amoral racist. Now it turns out he’s not electoral poison, the anti-semitism stuff has been pumped full of life for… purely moral reasons?

peep peep!

^blowing a whistle there, a whistle for “full time for july”

It probably goes without saying that we move in different circles, but from my end it absolutely was a moral objection and the majority of those people left the party after the second leadership election. You may disagree with them but they’ve been consistent, and are as appalled at the flip-floppers in the party and the commentariat as they are at Corbyn and McDonnell themselves.

I wouldn’t necessarily disagree if you told me they’re a minority and that for most it was about electability, though.

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just watched this again for the first time in a year. really looking forward to coming back to London, if only for a few weeks.

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hadley freeman is at it again

lol what