July 2019 Film Thread

2nd July
Spider-Man: Far From Home

5th July
Never Look Away
Escape Plan 3
Vita and Virginia
The Queen’s Corgi

10th July
Annabelle Comes Home

12th July
The Dead Don’t Die
The Bring
Only You
Our Time

15th July

19th July
The Lion King
Tell It to the Bees
Varda By Agnes
The Edge

26th July
The Current War
The Intruder
Teen Spirit
Horrible Histories - The Rotten Romans

Just to make clear in case any newcomers see this, this is a thread to discuss any films, not just new ones!

Best June film release

  • Gloria Bell
  • Late Night
  • We the Animals
  • Dirty God
  • Diego Maradona
  • Toy Story 4
  • Brightburn
  • Child’s Play
  • Yesterday
  • Support the Girls
  • In Fabric
  • Apollo 11
  • Other (please specify)

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Spiderman going for that big opening weekend. You know the weekend that starts on Tuesday? That one.


bit of a shit month

God I wish they’d stop making musican biopics


The end of the month is a bit quiet but I’m looking forward to Spider-Man/Midsommar/Non-Fiction/Varda by Agnes.

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Ha - I wouldn’t have guessed it was about cricket from the title though


Midsommar! Midsommar! Midsommar!


Certainly going to have a lot of 50+ males edging

i meant june

weak beer this month, looks like. i got so bored halfway thru spider-man homecoming, i just don’t care about FFH.

anyone bothered about lion king

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It looks like it’s gonna be shot for shot. Don’t really see the point.


I’m fascinated to see how it performs tbh.


Going to make a billion dollars. Aladdin is almost at $900 million and everyone was mocking that in the run-up to release


Aye, but I feel like that is going to be disappointing relative to expectations though.

Once they announced Beyonce was in it I was genuinely thinking it might break records. Every trailer has made it look less and less likely though.

i’ll probably see it, there’s no point me saying i won’t. jon favs did a good job with jungle book so :crossed_fingers:

I’d like to see what Billy Eichner does but that’s pretty much it.

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If over a billion dollars is seen as disappointing by Disney then everyone’s gone mad to be honest

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Undeniably the case

It’s a bit annoying that the new Tarantino isn’t coming out late July here like it is in the US, will have to dodge social media spoilers for a few weeks

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