July 2019 Film Thread

November in US… 31 January in UK :roll_eyes:

Always the way!

This looks really bad, bet the CGI Will Smith is gonna look like hot shit in high frame rate

I just watched this and absolutely loved it. If you can quite love such a film.

Watch The Call!

Simon Neils written a film…bet its great!!!

*the soundtrack to

Matrix tiiime @Antpocalypsenow


This looks funny, but i recall it got the shit kicked out of it by crits and regular folks alike.


Wiki says hes a screenwriter for it

Yeah I saw that, its definitely better than the reviews said though

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It’s not on Netflix is it?

I watched Minority Report again the other day for the first time since I saw it at the cinema. Really expected to hate it but oddly enjoyed it a lot. Some stupid stuff obviously and I always have to get over my dislike of Cruise in any film he stars in but still it was good fun sci-fi.


Sign me up for one ticket to Little Monsters

I went to the flicks yesterday evening to see Midsommar.

That film is batshit crazy.


Tom Cruise is brilliant :+1:

Christ is anyone else hacked off with having to avoid spoilers, news, clickbait and general gossip about Once Upon A Time In Hollywood? It’s infuriating! Mentions and references keep unexpectedly popping up all over the shop.

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Yeah I’ve muted some words/hashtags on Twitter but still have to dodge spoilers it seems, Americans who seem to think just because the film is out there it must be out everywhere

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