July 2019 Film Thread

Kept thinking he looked like Seth Rogan

Which made it funnier that he spends the last bit of the film off his bollocks on shrooms

Nah its more in huts lol


I thought toy story looked beautiful, was funny enough and a decent way to spend 90 minutes but also felt completely unnecessary and didn’t have any of the emotional heft of the previous 3.

6/10. Fine.

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Silly boy!

I’m actually a very sensible boy

Saw Apollo 11 yesterday. Very very good, lots of footage I hadn’t seen before.

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Bit on Midsommar

I think I’d sort of forgotten just how much Hereditary got under my skin, because there was a bit of calibration to do with this one, just in terms of the holy-shititude of some of the imagery / feelings and all that. I really like the persistent sense of dread, but also the sort of empathy and humour that prods in from the sides… incidentally yeah, the few attendees of my screening were right stony-faced. I was the only one who did sniff-laughs at those absurd moments (and even at the proper unambiguous comedy bits like the Austin Powers reference).

Quite interesting that it was written before Hereditary because I did get the feeling that some of the shared ideas may have been down to wondering if he’d ever get the opportunity to make Midsommar and using them in Hereditary. I think they’re sufficiently different kinda “siblings” of one another though – I liked the whole meditation on grief, trying to rationalise what her sister had done, and finding a weird form of solace in this strange community and the sort of moral ambiguity with how its presented as both a criticism of individualism and a sort of meditation on the dangers of this isolated (semi-nationalist kinda?) community.

There’s probably more to say, like how I liked the soundtrack a hell of a lot.

It felt like a film version of ‘In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country’ by BoC

which is obvs a very good thing for me


also I’m reading it as a prequel to The Good Place dont at me

Thought it was very amusing how in Midsommar they emphasise that Will Poulter’s character is a prick by how much he vapes.

Really liked the first hour and a half but it is much too long and definitely dragged a bit. Also thought it was a bit weird how many exact beats it shared with Hereditary.

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I’ve had a chance to sleep on it and I’m sorry for calling you “silly boy”, that was wrong of me x

It’s fine. I enjoyed toy story 4 and thought it was ‘fine’

You’re a real piece of shit, you know that

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I do, Ant. But I don’t think that’s the reason why

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Midsommar is quite something. I think liked it?


Hated/was bored by The Favourite.

Hoping Midsommar is better.

I really liked the Dead Don’t Die you guys

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What should I go and see tomorrow (potentially with mates but likely alone)

  • The Dead Don’t Die
  • Midsommar

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I picked Midsommar but i also strongly recommend TDDD as well

Would depend what mood you’re in cause they’re very different

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Midsommar - harrowing blackly comic intense trauma-centric folk horror that looks beautiful and had a mindblowing score

The Dead Don’t Die - goofy low-key Jarmusch film with rlly nice atmosphere and zombies and more depth in its kinda commentary than you may think at first, also cool drony score

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