July 2019 Film Thread

Dumbo did quite poorly though, although I guess Aladdin (and presumably Lion King) has the advantage of being nostalgic for the current generation of parents.

I’m on annual leave at the moment so going to an afternoon screening of Spider-man tomorrow. Just about recovered from the exhaustion of Endgame so pretty excited.

Cineworld seems to have Midsommar from Wednesday btw, if anyone wants to get in early and have a late one on a week night.

That’s relative to it costing an absolutely absurd amount of money though right?


The remakes of the 90s classics are the ones that have done big business (and Jungle Book because people love talking animals I guess), so not surprisingly they’re now looking at The Little Mermaid and if they have any sense after that they’ll either slash the budgets (Dumbo cost $170 million!) or just put any future ones on Disney+ like the Lady and the Tramp one they’re doing

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Oh, sure. It’s in the top 10 for the year still. But also to the other Disney live actions, massively lower against all of them.

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should do a live action remake of toy story 1



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Although I’m more lukewarm on Toy Story 4 than most people here it’s still nice to see so many people raving about it considering we were all approaching the idea of a Toy Story 4 with a lot of trepidation. I eagerly await the same thing happening all over again in 2030 with Toy Story 5


Excited for Midsommar but I’m going to Greece the day it comes out so I’ll have to wait a whole week to see it! A whole week!

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First month where I haven’t seen anything so i can’t vote :frowning:

Oh wait just realised I left it too long to see Detective Pikachu and it’s gone from cinemas, woops

Will probably see Spider-Man and Toy Story 4 at some point soon

There’s advance screenings on Wednesday and Thursday too, unless that’s what you mean

Working those evenings, unfortunately :frowning:

Already had plenty spoiled by the Cannes crowd. Can’t believe it’s still ages away, first saw the trailer at the cinema in April FFS

Off to see Reservoir Dogs at FACT tonight, still haven’t seen it all the way through. Should be boss!

Toy Story 4 - started slow but became pretty great by the end. Probably liked it more than 3 and the end sequence is worth the whole film, probably as-good-as-if-not-better than the furnace bit in 3.

However, more than the others (and this might be because I’m older) this seemed like the most childish of the Toy Story films? I also can’t unsee the points in this article which do lessen the film:

Massive spoilers ahead


Hmm this seems like if an alien observed a human for their entire life and when the human retired the alien went “Wait they could’ve lived a life of leisure this whole time?? What was all that education and work crap?” It’s a toy’s purpose to be played with, that’s what they’re created for, but I don’t think that means that’s the only thing they can ever do with their existence.

And I don’t think the film would’ve been worth making at all if it didn’t introduce the new themes and motivations that it did.

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Really loved Apollo 11.

If you liked that and haven’t already, I’d heartily recommend For All Mankind, it’s in a similar vein and has a great Eno soundtrack