July 2019 politics thread - the crowning of King Boris Johnson

A great month ahead!

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Bring on the Stasi purges imo

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oz katerji, noted war hawk and almost criminally reckless “journalist”, is going to get sued by new socialist magazine and feminist writer josie sparrow for harassment. lovely news to start the month with :slightly_smiling_face:

100% not joking: please remove the subheading from the thread title


Good. Disappointing to see Zoe Gardner whipping him up and encouraging him though.

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its making me feel ill

doxxing people on the left when there are far-right/neonazi networks in britain constantly fishing for that kind of personal information could effectively mean you are handing someone a death sentence just because they made fun of you on the internet. oz and the rest of them say they’re journalists so surely they are aware this is a real possibility. grotesque to see gardner going along with that and calling people “garbage” because they criticised her for it.

RIP: have a nibble. gone but not forgotten.


Definitely the thread title that’s brought me the most joy while on DiS.

As opposed to this abomination.


Let me the first to sully this new thread with a terrible tweet, with my realisation that daytime TV doc David Bull is now a Brexit MEP confused by trains? How did that pass me by?! Can’t wait for Alison off This Morning to be appointed a high court judge.

I liked having a nibble. It was like having a little taste but it discouraged you from gorging yourself on the stuff


Maybe you shoulda considered that before you signed up to be an MEP mate

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Why do they have it in Strasbourg sometimes? Much as I’m of the opinion of fuck that guy, it does seem a bit odd to have it there when Brussels is so well-connected.

Didn’t realise the thread title would annoy people so much, sorry

Reckon all parliaments should have be on the move. Imagine how much shit loads of places would be if the great and good had to spend time in them.

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People are very protective of the monarchy

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Nibble: nobbled!

Whenever I lock these threads I envisage bringing out a massive padlock and afixing it to a forbidding chainlink fence, beyond which is a Chernobyl-like smoking wasteland. I walk away shaking my head, hoping that mankind will one day learn, knowing in my heart that it won’t.


Who’s the dyatlov in this scenario?

actually don’t answer that.

You’ve spelt Jeremy Corbyn wrong