July 2019 politics thread - the crowning of King Boris Johnson

For those of us who can’t bear to watch the speech, what is happening?

he said DUDE


But more like dy-ude

Here’s to a cowabunga Brexit


he vowed to slay the Corbyn

Would be quite funny if an asteroid obliterated the earth before tomorrow so he doesn’t technically get to be Prime Minister. Quite, quite funny.


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Still no-one on the BBC has mentioned that the general public have no say in this.

They actually said the total amount of eligible voters, what was it about 130k? That’s even less than we thought isn’t it?

Told corbyn to eat his shorts and told the EU that with the hulkamaniacs with him they better watch out brother.

Anyone else say dude apart from bart simpson and hulk hogan?

0.35% of the electorate

That robber guy in The Simpsons

Better turn out than council elections. Fair play


‘Analysis: A politician who is hard to ignore’

Yes, thanks Laura. He’s Prime Minister.


Can’t wait for Boris to square up to Corbyn and immediately get nutted.

The Absolute Boy bangs out Tory PM’s for fun mate.

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Electoral candidates should share their pedalboards for the public interest from now on



You’ve just reminded me we had a by-election for a police & crime commissioner last weekend.

Turnout was 15% :partying_face:

donald trump says dude in speeches

Seems like the sort of thing George W Bush would have said too

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