July 2019 politics thread - the crowning of King Boris Johnson

They just don’t give a fuck about their own citizens anymore. Absolutely ridiculous they’re doing this - even though it’ll never get through parliament, it’s really not helping politics or communities in NI.

I actually cannot describe how horrid and intimidating it is to see the Parachute Regiment flags fly in places. Never happened before the Tories started shit stiring


He loves our brave boys does Boris. Loads of this crap while he was London Mayor.

Also announcing this on the eve of 12th July seems like deliberate timing


Unsurprised to see the parachute regiment flags/banners in many of the usual places but was disappointed to see them all over the Lisburn Road as well. At least I haven’t seen any round my way (just all the usual flags instead)

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I find them intimidating and threatening and I’m English ffs


Exactly. What I learned was that Labour’s internal procedures have not been adequate for dealing with the scale of the issue from 2016 onwards, which led to a lot of distress for a number of individuals and Members involved. This is a real problem which cannot simply be reduced (as some have, as was inevitable) to pure factionalism or political motivation. However the programme did a very poor job of exploring it holistically (or sympathetically) and, as such, was very unhelpful. The fact that Iain McNicol was on the programme as a witness and not as someone to be scrutinised even though he was General Secretary during what seems like the peak of the problem is a clear abdication of investigative duty, for instance (especially as there are issues worth exploring with the complaints process during his tenure).

It was a poor programme. And the “new evidence” regarding Emails/interference etc. was very weak sauce in my view.

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Watching this Andrew Neil interview really underlines what an absolutely horrific piece of shit Johnson is.

I’d be very reluctant to vote Labour in a general election but seriously I’d be prepared to do it to stop this horrible, evasive, supercious cunt.

Internet centrists can’t handle Durham miners gala

Doesn’t Johnson worship Churchill? Reckon that’s why he’s racist

“Never going to gala again” is the new “never voting labour again”

Not sure if this belongs here or what but I quite liked it.


Ha! :+1:

Good, this.


Polls continue to be completely all over the place

I think Streeting is back on his campaign to be made into a martyr for the anti-Corbyn right of the party. He was one of those who retweeted the anyi-Pidcock stuff yesterday, too.

The guy’s already proven how much he actually cares about bigotry when he said how touching Theresa May’s ‘I’m an LGBT ally’ comment was

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For some reason (I guess based on the profile pic) I always assumed Matt Forde off Twitter was the guy who does the celebrity stuff from Hollywood on GMTV.

He was also one of the most vocal supporters of Phil Woolas too, even after it was obvious he was a wrong un’.