July 2021 Film News/Trailer chat thread

Apologies for interrupting the Rocky IV chat in the June thread! Here’s a selection of what’s out this month:

2nd July
Another Round
French Exit
Last Man Standing (documentary)

5th July
Bad Hair (VOD)

7th July
Black Widow

9th July
First Cow (Mubi release)
Summer of Soul (documentary)
Martin Eden

16th July
The Forever Purge
Space Jam: A New Legacy
Nowhere Special
The Croods 2
The Witches of the Orient (documentary)

23rd July
Off the Rails
The World to Come
Riders of Justice

30th July
The Suicide Squad
Jungle Cruise
The Sparks Brothers (documentary)

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Also the Cannes Film Festival starts next week, with many notable directors in competition:

Seeing Shiva Baby tonight and planning on seeing Another Round next weekend.


Was just reading about this which looks interesting. Couldn’t see it mentioned anywhere so thought this was the best place?

Score done by Jon Hopkins and the Dessner Brothers, 25 min short film. Looks like it’s streaming from tomorrow.

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is F9 any good?


Not seen it

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Might watch The Shining later. I know pretty much everything that happens, and have obviously seen loads of individual little bits, but have never actually watched the film as a whole.

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Its an incredible film


Yeah this was great. Even just visually, those tracking shots through massive rooms, the reds and golds etc. The creepier stuff would have had more impact had the film not been referenced/parodied into oblivion, but that can’t be helped.

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It’s pure shite. And I quite like the other films for brain dead entertainment but this one just doesn’t work in any way.

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said to my dad the premise of another round is very unappealing. “what, white men drinking?”. tag-line master!


Gutted, he was fantastic…

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Haha, that’s amazing.

Reviews of Annette coming from Cannes are a bit :confused: