July 2021 Film News/Trailer chat thread

i reckon there must be a good documentary to be made at some point. put a load of the best bits into it too. this was interesting from a few months ago

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That was a really insightful read, thanks for sharing that.

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Haven’t looked forward to a film as much as this in years.


Fuck I really hope this is as good as it looks

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if ever there was a film to get baked to go watch then it’s clearly this



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Please be good.


Honestly I thought the book Dune was, y’know, okay and I was considering re-reading as a middle-aged white man to see if it worked better (since that seems to be its prime audience) but @dingaling’s reading hell made me give up on that notion.

And yet…fucking want to watch this film now I’ve seen that! :smiley:

jesus that really is the entire plot in 2 mins


That’s worrying given the film is only half the book… :wink:

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A miracle if it is

New Jordan Peele film announced yesterday…

☁️ pic.twitter.com/iiDRwVLmbr

— Jordan Peele (@JordanPeele) July 22, 2021

Dude just hates an easily searchable film title :grinning:

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He really does :joy:

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