July 2022 Film News/Trailer chat thread

1st July
Minions: Rise of Gru

7th July
Thor: Love and Thunder

8th July
Brian and Charles
The Sea Beast (Netflix)

15th July
The Railway Children Return
The Good Boss
A Chiara
Persuasion (Netflix)

22nd July
Where the Crawdads Sing
Notre Dame on Fire
The Gray Man (Netflix)

29th July
Hit the Road
DC League of Superpets

Minions must be the last film primarily delayed by Covid to come out, right?

Well done cinema for catching up with yourself

Good new films coming back to the cinema when?

Nitram is meant to be good! Otherwise when Hit the Road comes out probably

Doesn’t that award go to The Flash? I mean I know there’s a lot of other stuff around Miller :grimacing: that could (should?) put it in the ground for good, but I understood the principle delay is getting the effects done was delayed hugely by Covid.

@kiyonemakibi posted this in the Dune thread but I wanted to talk about the non-Dune related titbits in it

Lionsgate’s “Hunger Games” prequel, “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes,”

Oh god, no.

and Universal’s “Trolls 3.”

Make it stop!

an untitled “Godzilla vs. Kong” film

Hook it to my veins.

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Ah I meant ones that had release dates in 2020 or 2021 and were either finished or closed to being before the pandemic started.

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A fair few bits leaving Netflix this month. Have about 5 left to watch.

1917 (July 10th)
Rush (July 11th)
Sputnik (July 13th)
Blood Diamond (July 14th)
The Great Gatsby (July 14th)
Dunkirk (July 14)
Fantastic Mr. Fox (July 14th)
Kong: Skull Island (July 15th)
The Lego Batman Movie (July 15th)
Greed (July 15th)
Shaun The Sheep Movie (July 15th)
Sully (July 15th)
Wonder Woman (July 15th)
Attack The Block (July 18th)
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (July 18th)
Emma (July 21st)
Queen & Slim (July 30th)
Elysium (July 31st)
Munich (July 31st)
The Nightingale (July 31st)
‘71 (Aug 2nd)

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Of the ones I’ve seen I would definitely suggest watching

And I think these ones are all worth a watch if you have time

The only one I have seen that I don’t think is worth bothering with is Wonder Woman.

They should just stick The Flash on HBO Max and be done with it and move on, they’ll make up any financial loss with more Batman films and Joker 2 anyway


My feeling is they’ll do an Army of the Dead, recast, and spend more money placing the new Flash in every scene via CGI. It’ll look shit but that didn’t stop them with Superman’s moustache or the whole of Justice League…

Can’t see them recasting, the guy in Army of the Dead was a supporting player, this is the lead actor, they’d just be spending a shitload of money for nothing, better to just stick it on streaming where it gets swallowed up by the content anyway

It depends on how much they want to keep going with the DCEU. They seem desperate to greenlight new projects and sequels despite everything.

Recasting can be done and do far they are still adamant it’s coming out next year. Maybe they’ll do nothing and be damned, figuring they take the risk of people not going yo see it.

in fairness, nobody outside of Twitter knows or cares who Ezra Miller is so they could just release it and make the publicity about the character rather than the actor. Either way if it tanks they have other DCEU films anyway.

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And then The Flash can go to live on that farm upstate with Batfleck, Cyborg, Superman, and all the other DCEU characters that are never going to reappear.

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