⚽ July Football. Behemoths Man Utd steal Champions League football from minnows Leicester ⚽

Hello here is the new football thread


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Hiya, how are you feeling about football today, Tone?

Pretty upbeat following my side’s 3-0 victory last night. How about you?

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Pretty bad as my side (Leicester City Football Club) are terrible and awful at football.

We will play Everton tonight and we will probably lose.

Schmeichel Schmumacher


Also, today I saw a tweet where someone was saying that one of their newgens on their FM save looked really weird and the newgen in question was me. Quite funny I suppose.

Don’t worry too much about Leicester City Football Club, they’re a good side.


Oh that would be disheartening. If it helps I think you’re a very handsome person and I’d be proud if you were my newgen.

Yeah I think if we end up in the Europa next season I won’t be too gutted, we are a young team and it’s fine to finish 6th or 7th really.

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Don’t I know it!

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what are your stats like? does the game use your real name and photo?

really wanna see your regen now

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It’s his profile picture off here


Uses my real name (hence why I’m not linking to the tweet here fwiw), nationality, DOB, place of birth, supported team, position etc but no, no photo/likeness at all (I was in fact a black man in this specific person’s tweet)


does it have the same stats all the time?

(and stats are completely random every new save, sometimes I am a world beater more often than not I’m shite)

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(also, you mean “attributes” not “stats”)


It’s currently 50% off on all platforms

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is this how you treat all your customers?



My lips are sealed