July Football

Here’s a killer of a goal from the Elitettan in Sweden

Any players your team is still desperately missing?
Any pre-season games you’re looking forward to?

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Booked a batch of tickets for the upcoming season this morning. The cunts have whacked the prices up by a fiver per ticket. Get the good press of freezing season ticket prices but hike the rest. Knobheads.

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looks like we have one senior centre back at the moment seeing as Mepham went to Bournemouth in January, Barbet went to QPR on a free and Konsa’s going to Wolves apparently. given we play three at the back this is an issue. we have some very highly rated B team players who might get a look in, but not sure i fancy two out of our three centre backs being that inexperienced.

we also have no first choice goalkeeper after selling Bentley to Bristol City, and although we still have Daniels he’s a) rubbish and b) apparently going to Leeds?!

plus some of Benrahma, Watkins, Maupay and Sawyers are blatantly off. oh dear.

away to AFC Wimbledon on Friday. given i can see the ground from my house but haven’t been for a match yet, this is good. £15 for a friendly between a League One and a Championship side is a bit of a piss take though.

Queens Park are playing PTFC in Airdrie because Hampden is getting a pitch change or something.

Quite enjoyed seeing a clip of West Ham players arriving for the first day of training today. Loads of them turning up with wheelie suitcases and loads of bags and then just one player turning up holding a pair of boots.

Andy Carroll didnt get the message then

Can see em going up a fiver at the Wolves for this season too, seeing that they bumped the season tickets up.

Need to try and sort prawn sandwich tickets out for the Brighton game in March for the old man’s 60th when all the hospitality shite goes on sale on Wednesday.

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Still not sure who will be in the dugout in 5 weeks time. Latest in the frame is Phillip Cocu

Boots for sale. Unused.

Madagascar top their AFCON group, leaving a possible Nigeria v Ghana second round match

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Uganda got out of the group as well \o/

(My AFCON thread died a death so let’s keep it in here innit)

1.89 goals a game at the moment, let the good times roll!

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About 20 of them. Here is the current first team squad from our website.


is Luca Connell much cop? we’ve just signed him from your boys

I didn’t watch much last year but according to those who know more than me he was the one shining hope in what was of the most painful and depressing seasons in living memory. Hes a good’un.

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The Rodri transfer has dragged on. Fairly typical of major City dealings these days since there’s a determination to create something resembling a reasonable pay structure on the club’s side, whereas the agents obviously continue to see them as a blank cheque meal ticket. I’m mostly in favour of City being patient, but it doesn’t half make the business fraught. No idea who they’d bring in instead if his representatives upped and pulled the plug; one of the reasons it’s taken this long to source a replacement for Fernandinho is that there simply aren’t that many of that type of player available at the moment.

Perhaps more worryingly, the Maguire rumours refuse to dissipate. Can still see us signing him in a last minute off-season panic as a result of other business refusing to materialise.

Still only signed one player despite loads leaving. Danny Mayor and Nicky Maynard are both supposed to be arriving this week though so that could be good.

Our lot are back in for pre-season today then we are going to Morocco for 2 pre-season friendlies.

Really want to go the thought of seeing Oldham in the July heat in Casablanca is just too hilarious to not want to see.

Leeds confirmed Harrison for another year (with the option to buy) and Ben White from brighton for a years loan :man_shrugging:

The most important business Shrewsbury have done is signing a player who turned up to his unveiling in a Simpsons t-shirt.

Irrespective of how good he is, he’ll automatically go into my top ten players of all time as a result of this.