July Football

Tabloid rumours that United want John McGinn. 50 mil!

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It’s been one year since one of the greatest World Cup games ever (well OK, it was one year yesterday but you get the idea)

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Wish we’d stop getting linked with made up players.

McGinniesta is very real


hard to see past United for the title if they get the McGinn/McTominay central midfield dream team going

Not a lot happening so far for Wolves tbf.

Signed Dendocker permanently and that’s it so far. They’re back for training this week and the new kit is launched tomorrow, so I guess the wheels will soon start turning.

Playing in one of those nonsense tournaments over in China with Newcastle and Man City at some point, got all the usual friendlies against the local non league teams (Telford, Kidderminster, Walsall, etc) I suppose and then the long road to Gdansk starts against Crusaders or Torshavn on the 1st of August.

Have a feeling Che Adams has a bit of the ‘good for the Championship, but not good enough for the Premier League’ about him. Aka Dwight Gayle, David Nugent, Ricardo Vaz Te, Cameron Jerome etc.

Think the Football Ramble call it the ‘Huckerby Zone’ but he got more than 10 Premier League goals in a season I think so should disqualify him.

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oof that’s pretty bleak

this seems a bit odd

I always think of it in terms of the managers: Steve Bruce, Mick McCarthy, Chris Hughton. Guys you’d be happy to have in your Championship dugout, but will invariably get you relegated if you went up with them.

Warnock fits into the group too, but I still struggle with the idea of anyone actually wanting him at their club.

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Why does luke Shaw look like one of the wayans brothers playing Luke Shaw
He looks like he’s lost a lil timber tho
United for 8th!

Go home United, you’re drunk

It’s some kind of thing where someone’s set up a fake twitter handle involving a competition or something. Like 90% of football twitter, it’s probably some misguided attempt at bants for no real reason.

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Oh God

does ‘cmon toons’ make sense?


not sure what’s worse, the song or the sponsor logo

no wait it’s definitely the song

Looks like they’re cosplaying with a 50p budget as Athletic Bilbao

going to see Liverpool play Napoli in Murrayfield in a few weeks, got a good crew going, should be good


£250,000 is far too much money for Marcus Rashford. He is not that good, no other club would be giving him anywhere near as much.

So much wrong with United at the moment, going to be a bad season. (again)

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