July politics thread

Sadness in his eyes

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Interesting choice of words from popbitch

I’m presuming Gove (a Cummings buddy, yeah?) is being busted as retaliation for Hancock’s downfall. Rather than a somewhat far-fetched play on the union wording thing.

Presumably the dogging of Westminster too.

I suspect this has been on the cards a little while and they’re getting it out during the Hancock thing to take the spotlight off.

The reasons for the split have been an open secret in westminster/Fleet St for about a year now - not helped by Gove being very indiscrete.

It seems like the Telegraph have decided to try and flush out the story and it’s become the latest front in the battle between the Times and the Telegraph to position their favoured cabinet member as the heir-apparent to Johnson. (Gove is the Times’ man).

Still get annoyed that MP’s marriages / private lives are front page news. Personal relationships are not always straightforward, and people do foolish things when in love/lust. Yes, a person who deceives someone is an arsehole and not someone you’d like to have in a position of power. Yes, there can be issues of kompromat. And I don’t particularly care that Gove and Vine have to put up with some shit, I’ll save my tears for someone else.

But of all the things to bring someone down for, the fact that in the 21st century we’re still doing it by publicising the end of a relationship is both damning and sad. Damning that the levers of power can be pulled by sniggering innuendo and puritanical finger wagging, sad that we the public lap it up.


I agree with you but in Sarah Vine’s case I can take a grim satisfaction from it since she’s made a handsome living from harassing and demonising other people in this exact situation (in one case, someone I know, so I’m taking personal schadenfreude from it). Would love if she found the whole experience so miserable it convinced her to change her whole shtick but I won’t hold my breath.


There’s certainly a pleasingly poetic justice aspect in Vine’s case

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Policing bill passed its third reading tonight, unsurprising but still :frowning:

How it started:

How it’s going:

Clearly believes in made up things so this is unsurprising

I fucking despair

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If this is how discrimination law works, then the law is flawed


Fucking hell this country is the absolute pits when it comes to politics. Disgraceful.


I have concluded that forcibly dragging this government out into the street by their ears, and then entirely destroying the palace of Westminster has an objective and reasonable justification, notwithstanding its greater impact on Tories.

The measure pursues a legitimate aim - to protect the public from fascist charlatans and thus contributing to reducing hate, despair and suffering.

It is inevitable that if this aim is to be achieved, there would be a disproportionate effect on Tories - since Tories are disproportionately represented among government.

I have decided that the disproportionate impact of dragging this government out into the street by their ears, and then entirely destroying the palace of Westminster is outweighed by the importance of achieving this aim.

There is no basis on which a member of the public could properly take a different view.


Heavy handed satire, etc. But fuck it. If laws aren’t actually laws when it’s an inconvenience to Tories, what’s the point in entering into proper debate? These people need to be held up as what they are: total fucking scum. If they offer no decency or fairness they can expect none in return.


G _ _ _ _ o _ _ n _ s

:notes: do you hear the people sing… :notes:


Gunnersaurus? It’s Gunnersaurus, right?

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