jumping question

jumping off the durdle door arch on the left of this picture into the sea below - it’s about 200ft high, you’ll be hitting the water at 77mph


would you jump that jump for one million pounds

  • fuck no
  • somehow yes

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The water is more scared of me.


If I could see that it’s do-able first by someone else doing it, then yeah. A million quid man. Yes.


mate srsly

it’s a fucking miracle that people can do it without dying

Oh hell naw. You wouldn’t get me within 194 feet of the top of that thing.

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morbid curiosity meant that I looked up videos of people doing it

someone commented on one claiming that someone who did was doing ok until they got far enough down, at which point the wind blowing through the arch turned them around meaning they hit the water with their back instead of their feet

not worth a million quid imo

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200ft is 60m

When I was in Costa Rica (don’t think I mentioned that) I did a day of jumping off waterfalls. Needless to say I was an absolute chicken at even the smallest jumps. The final jump was 12m and it was fucking scary, and only the men attempted it. Absolutely no fucking way should anyone be jumping 60m.


Jump in the line

  • Rock your body in time
  • Ok, I believe you!

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If you were put on the spot that’s even worse but given enough notice you could train yourself up. Diving lessons and starting on smaller points etc. Decent investment imho.

hell in a cell. it’s 20ft high and there’s a table to break your fall

  • yes please, I want to be like mick foley
  • mick foley can’t really walk any more so maybe not

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As I posted in the Intermediate Coronavirus Thread: everything about this picture and this story infuriates the fuck out of me.


famously comfy landing, a table


and his face ended up exiting his face


I’m assuming it’s not gonna kill me. You wouldn’t set me up to die horribly like that, would you?

But just in case I’m putting it in my will that if I die that one million pounds will be offered as a bounty on your head.


indeed! same here - but it’s so mad I figured it would be worth splitting out as a topic

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Same cunts who were clapping these folk to jump were probably clapping for the NHS a few days previously.


yes, I want the new world record!!

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For reference Olympic divers dive from a top height of 27m

Can you bomb in?

if you don’t want to have any legs, or indeed an arse left afterwards