jumping question

It’s really shallow water though, so if you land feet first you’re basically going to shatter your legs.

There’s nothing about this that isn’t moronic

Similarly, went coasteering on a stag do a few years ago. Was really fun, but the jumps were terrifying. 10m was the tallest jump iirc and I properly had to psych myself up. My FIL over rotated somehow on the 5m one and landed chest first, breaking a rib and pulling a few intercostals. Ouch

vid of the current world record

Just to add to the picture chat. I find the faint ghostly cruise ships anchored off of Portland Bill in the far distance there really unnerving for some reason. Looks like a photo of a warship convoy or something

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This guy has a helmet and stuff. Do you get a helmet and stuff for this challenge?

Absolute piece of piss.


It’s only a million quid. That’s, what, 50 bananas?

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Couple of rounds of toast


how shallow is it?

I read something recently about how humans won’t go that deep into water regardless of how high they jump from

actually, 16 feet


1 crate of stella (warm)


Obviously I’d do that. Would probably do a flip as well.

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Mad how they’ve managed to make a video of a bloke jumping into a pond so irritating.


Just want to point out that it’s always, always men who do this


I don’t really understand how these dives are/were possible (the successful ones, anyway), when in theory it’s like hitting concrete after about 50 feet.

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Ever seen this idiot before?


the video I saw the lad landed like a belly flop as well…while the crowd egged them on.
I mean, what can you say. I’d imagine a big bag of cans was involved (I hope so otherwise just pure idiot)

I don’t think he’s a real professor


200ft is the top of the arch in the op

even if the mad idiots jumping this weekend went from halfway that’s still an incredibly long way

This one (the second highest dive ever) is great for seeing the sheer height as it’s just a massive bit of scaffolding. Doesn’t even land particularly well

Seems like a it could be a post in warnys thread

To walk safely down the cliff and have a nice snack, turn to page 67
To jump into the deadly waters for an uncertain reward, only to cripple yourself and make the rest of your journey impossible, turn to page 91

DiS has chosen … death by cliff