June 2018 Film DiScussion Thread

1st June
Book Club
L’Amant Double
Ismael’s Ghosts
My Friend Dahmer
McKellen: Playing the Part (documentary)

6th June
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

8th June
McQueen (documentary)
The Boy Downstairs

15th June
The Ciambra
The Happy Prince
The Piano (re-release)

18th June
Ocean’s 8

22nd June
In the Fade

29th June
Leave no Trace
Sicario 2: Soldado
The Bookshop
The Endless

Hello! I’m attending a film festival all of next week and this is my programme:

Pretty excited.

Anyone gonna catch the 2001 re-release over the weekend?

Saw it two weeks ago, was great, aside from one prat near the front who was taking screenshots of the film on their phone after the interval until they finally heeded audience members telling them to put the bloody thing away

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Seeing it on Sunday, really looking forward to it. Never seen it on a big screen before and my gf has never seen it before full stop.

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Very very excited about Hereditary

(and Jurassic Park)

Yeah, I think the trailer is brilliant as a piece of editing work. Not sure the film will live up to it really.

might go see Double Lover this weekend. or jeunne femme. maybe ismaels ghost. definitely not deadpool

Only watched a tiny bit of the trailer. Want to go in as fresh to everything as possible. The reviews it’s had are remarkable.

I tend to feel let down by horror films regardless of how well reviewed they are, hoping this bucks that trend though.

The adverts keep reminding me how much I fucking hated jurassic world and what a complete waste of time and money it was.

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Didn’t see it but the new one looks so, so shit

I don’t think I’ll be watching it, to be honest

so many films these days are THE MOST HORRIFYING HORROR IN YEARS and end up just being another jumpy horror schlockfest

Trying to think of a film I’ve enjoyed less at the cinema. Difficult

they released a new trailer which makes it look a lot better. showing the exploding island bit is just a small part of the film not the whole thing

still not a chance like lol fuck that

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don’t think i watched a single good film last month

Yeah, saw the new trailer before Solo I think. Looks shite. Fuckloads of guns and explosions and that innit.

Show Dogs was a let down eh

Misread it and was about to call you a complete idiot