June 2018 Film DiScussion Thread

watched Blue Collar (1978) last night. was pretty amazing, strong performances all round but the scene with Pryor and Keitel on the porch near the end… Pryor is absolutely amazing. pretty brutal ending too.

Schrader’s new film First Reformed is meant to be his best film in ages

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if ewan mcgregor is in it, odds are it’s shite

yeah this is what made me go back and have a look at his stuff i haven’t seen - i remember when he was roped in to that godawful BEE film with Lindsay Lohan a few years ago (haven’t seen it but it is on Netflix) and assumed he’d gone to the dogs these days but the reviews have been surprisingly positive

Yeah looking at his filmography feels like the last time he made anything decent was in the 90s.

just finished Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quais du Commerce 1080 Bruxelles.


hereditary was okay.

took far too long to get going. the freaky stuff only started in the last third. would have liked more. gabriel byrne has nothing to do the entire film.

Pretty much this. The last 20 minutes or so were enjoyably batshit, but it took way too long to get there. It also made me think that The Witch did the whole ‘watch a family falling apart’ thing better, they even have similar final scenes, as the surviving family member hooks up with a bunch of crazies

On a side note, how is Alex Wolff supposed to be the son of Toni Colette and Gabriel Bryne?!

Agreed that Bryne was completely wasted. I enjoyed the film but the horror was way more camp that I was lead to believe and didn’t find much of it very scary Until the end which really creeped me out

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think as well it’s one of those films where my expectations were far too high. if i’d seen it not knowing anything about it i probably would have enjoyed it a lot more.

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The bit where she was decapitating herself was horrible, made me think of Audition


6/10. see review in the horror thread, but struggling to understand the hype around this, bar Toni Collette’s performance

just watched Amour for the first time. shouldn’t have been dicing up onions at the same time tbh. what a film.

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Saw Millenium Actress last night which was one of the few Satoshi Kon films I hadn’t seen. Incredibly done, less mind-screw than some of his others but still enough to keep you guessing.

watched The Intern. surprisingly lovely

watched Social Network on the bus the other day. Good weren’t it


Fucking loved Hereditary. Flirts with nonsense but brings it home. Cast all great. Colette does the showy stuff, but Byrne excellent as a quiet man worn down and at the end of his tether with all the horrific family stuff going on. The ‘incident’ and its aftermath, where Alex Wolff can’t even look around…brilliant.

The movie brazenly nicks from other films, but only from the best.

For all the fuss about Toni Colette in it, it feels just as much the Alex Wolff show, he’s rather been overlooked

He’s really good in it. And ultimately the key role.

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Just watched the opening of Jaws again on YouTube because I was thinking maybe my 10 year old niece would enjoy it (it was a PG back in the day).

Holy shit, I forgot how terrifyingly long and agonising Chrissie’s death is :flushed: