June 2018 Film DiScussion Thread



good double feature with this


I have no doubt it’ll be 100% Fucking abysmal. I’m still going to see it. DINOSAURS


i’m with @Aggpass last one was one of the worst films i’ve ever seen. no danger i’m going anywhere near this one. not even on a plane m9


More dinosaurs for me


dino-snore more like


Just watch the good one at home instead?


I’ve never seen it so really should.


Seems to be Sunday only in the multiplexes. Imagine loads of independent places will be showing it though.


Forgot to mention about how the Breadwinner completely stopped me in my tracks and had to have a walk round Soho after to shake it off. Haven’t been effected by a film like that for a while and took me by surprise.


Yeah the Prince Charles are showing it for a while soon so will catch it then. Can’t make Sunday as I am seeing Belinda Carlisle.


:smiley: amazing. Enjoy yrself x


did we do a best film of May poll?


at the end of the last thread. which is dumb.

should do the best of poll in the new thread IMO


Fair point, I only did it this time because the last Friday in May was a week ago.


The Edge of Seventeen is on Netflix from tomorrow FYI


Against my better judgement I quite enjoyed Jurassic World. Obv no where near good as the original but it’s basically a Force Awakens style re-tread of it and it hit the right buttons.

New one looks rubs but I’ll still go see it. and hopefully enjoy it


A good film


Reading IMDB earlier and came across this quote featured in Bad Lieutenant (1992) and i laughed so hard i nearly put my back out


There’s some random film fest on at the Leicester Square Cineworld today.

Usually when these are on they’re not available to Unlimited card holders, but this was. Sadly realised too late to see the wonderfull named Polterheist, but I got a ticket to Sunset Contract, described as

The Devil herself appears before social media CEO Brad and tempts him into signing a rewarding, privacy-violating contract before the end of the day.

Can’t really find anything about it online. Could be good. Could be terrible. The excitement!


Probably in my top 5 coming of age films ever (what praise eh)