June 2018 Film DiScussion Thread



need to rewatch Bad Lieutenant, started to gain a new appreciation for Ferrera


saw Jeune Femme.absolutely loved it


Just saw the 2001: A Space Odyssey re-release. So glad I got to see it on the big screen, a brilliant cinema experience. It’s mad how much of that film is completely indefensible in terms of indulgence but how it gets away with it all despite itself. I had forgotten how fucking good it looks, obviously has had some form of remastering work done but the fact this thing is 50 years old is absolutely nuts. Cannot imagine the experience of seeing it at the time it came out, people must have been losing their minds about it.


Really wanna do this. Was it in 75mm? Did you have the intermission?


what’s good at the moment?


saw Lean on Pete
the film War Horse could have been. grouchland plays the main character


jeune femme


I’m not bothering this time around (saw it at the Prince Charles last year, and figure it’ll get regular rereleases for the rest of my life) but it really is SUCH an experience.

That shot near the start where one of them is running loops around the spacecraft, the camera work and set-up in that is just amazing.


Also this is nuts/hilarious if you’ve never seen it


as in really try and see it @DarwinBabe. it is fascinating


Yeah, the intermission was there (but shorter I think) was at a VUE so digital 4k I think but I’m not sure…


Yeah, it’s astonishing isn’t it. A lot of the big genius auteur films can seem a bit self-serving and icky when you watch them these days, that idea of the unquestionable genius man is uncomfortable but so many of those shots and the in-camera effects are astonishing for the time. A genuine visionary.


Saw Hereditary on Friday. Think it works better if you go into it expecting a family melodrama character piece rather than an out and out horror. It’s a really good film but the horror elements seemed pretty standard Blumhouse fare to me. And I struggle taking Alex Wolff seriously. Toni Collette is a treasure though.


Good shit horrors on the ol’ n-flix


That’s mad! Cheers for the link!


is that asking for recommendations?


Yeah. Might watch bone tomahawk


its not shit but Under the Shadow is on there and is one of my top 10 films ever.

if youre looking for more “throwaway” stuff, Would You Rather and Cheap Thrills are alright


housebound as well


Yeah under the shadow is brilliant, looking for some enjoyable, well made nonsense though