June 2018 Film DiScussion Thread



ooh actually have you seen Triangle? go for that


I haven’t, my girlfriend has and says it’s shit, so it’s not happening tonight


it isnt shit at all! its dead good. Go for Housebound then




Only recently watched the original. This looks nice and bonkers


Triangle is shit.


The new McQueen film looks dead good


holy shit that cast


Weirdly got most hyped seeing paper boi of all people


Jacqui Weaver was a great little surprise too


its good!


based on a 1983 ITV series :smiley:


by Lynda La Plante!


Shit… Widows was great! I think there were 2 series.


Yeah, and a sequel in the 90s (though not sure if that one was any good)



So into this.


I think it’s good they’re not really giving away the plot at the moment (well either that or the whole film is actually just an advert for all of Disney’s stuff, but I assume it isn’t!)


I’ll be honest, I got some worrying Emoji Movie vibes from it, but then I remembered that the first one had that mash-up aspect to it, and the first one was great. Sooooooo.


I was looking at the credits of the co-writers. On the upside, writing credits include Wreck-It Ralph and Zootopia. On the downside, other credits include a Smurfs film and Grimsby!