June 2018 Film DiScussion Thread



No doubt posted already somewhere but I really enjoyed this:

@guntrip for sure.



The first one was great, but not sure they can capture that a second time round, especially with no Lord and Miller


Watched three films at that festival today, and one last night (the opening film).

This one is by far my favourite so far. Just absolutely stunning and beautiful in every way:

That being said, I also really really enjoyed this Swedish film, hoping it makes it some UK festivals so you guys get a chance to see it:


Confirmed TKC does not like fun


Deadpool looks like the absolute pits


i havent seen the first one but the trailer for the second was so smug it was borderline hateful


It doesn’t, and it isn’t. The sense of snobbery in this thread is nauseating.


Ideal for this thread then


Deadpool 2 can’t be all bad, it has Ricky Baker in it!




I saw Book Club because I was hungover. The script is lazy beyond belief but it’s women drinking wine for 90 minutes and I am here for it.


Someone not liking something you like isn’t snobbery. Grow up


Even better than I’d hoped


I’m pretty tolerant of silly comic book films and I think both Deadpool films are shite.


Why do you hate fun!




It’s absolutely fine but we’ve had two “deadpool looks really smug hnnnrrrr” mini threads so i don’t know give it a rest


watched TheHeart Is Deceitful Above All Things. was quite surprised by it, thought it waa a lot better than it shoild’ve been.

also saw Edge of Seventeen which I did really like. bonus points for it being one of the rare films Woody Harrelson didnt annoy me