June 2018 Film DiScussion Thread



better than cyclists invading every thread


Yeha, I know Tarantino’s films are ever more self-indulgent and all and the subject matter here is especially dicey but the current cast for his next one is just ridiculous


Really just want his Star Trek film to move forward.


can’t be bothered with qt films any more

everything after jackie brown is :toilet:




Can’t agree, I think Inglorious Basterds and Django are both great


nah, cartoon character bullshit isn’t it


Really entertaining cartoon character bullshit


Inglorious Basterds is fantastic. It’s a love letter to the power of cinema, to German expressionism and mountain films of the early 20th century and a look at how propaganda is used in cinema. Much more than cartoon bullshit.



Obviously it’s still all wrapped in his pop culture/fancy exploitation film style but that doesn’t mean there’s no depth to it.


you can’t have a character doing silly voices and comedy pratfalls in one scene and then expect the next scene they’re in to have any depth

not for me, clive



Think you can do humour and sombre side by side but it’s got to be carefully done. Just really bored of his shtick now tbh. Ditto wes anderson


Inglorious Basterds was good. Django Unchained was so so shit



Strongly disagree.



Went to see the Breadwinner last night, mostly cause I really like Song of the Sea, and was also mesmerised. This will undoubtedly be because of my own complete lack of experience of anything like it but I thought that for an (I think) entirely European production it still managed to be really evocative of what the world would be like for a little girl in that place and time, and was just vividly beautiful. The novel it’s adapted from was based on hundreds of interviews and interactions with women and girls in refugee camps which is maybe why.


saw Stake Land 2. oof


McQueen - really excellent and thorough doc showing the playful as well as the tragic end of his persona. Really well paced and very engaging for even those who might not know much about him. Such a sad end.