June 2018 Film DiScussion Thread



Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom gets off to a flying start and then totally shits the bed in the final act. Really feels like they just wanted to put the pieces in place for the big idea they have for Jurassic World 3 and had to find a way to get there somehow.

For the first hour I was loving it and thought it was the best since The Lost World. Cracking set pieces and was genuinely a bit scared at times.

It gets fucking stupid though. James Cromwell’s grandaughter is a fucking CLONE. WHAT?! WHY?! Also fucking hate the genetically altered dinos. Wasn’t the Indominus Rex already part raptor? So then what the fuck is the Indo Raptor?. Fucking annoyed that Henry Wu makes it out alive AGAIN. Also the auction prices were obscenely low.

Really annoys me that Chris Pratt basically has super powers too. He takes out about 6 highly trained mercenaries in a row without breaking a sweat. They completely missed the point as to why people liked Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm. Don’t know why they got two new annoying cast members instead of bringing back Jake Johnson and Lauren Lapkus.

All in all I’d say if you like the series see it for the first half, maybe leave at an hour and 20 minutes and read the rest of the plot on Wikipedia.


Was Bryce Dallas Howard’s character any better? She was ‘Willie Scott’ levels of irritating in the last one.


I’m going tomorrow. I don’t know why I do this


Looking forward to everyone here arguing about Hereditary in about a week or so (wish it came out this weekend, there was nothing to watch!)


She’s better but still really bland.


Because of dinosaurs.


i really liked it, had no issue with the clone girl, seems like the exact thing those mad old geezers would do. My only complaint is that custom Dino was supposed to have an amazing sense of smell, yet they evaded it by hiding behind things and turning the light off


This review tallies a fair amount with my experience of it. Thought it was an enjoyable watch, with all the dinosaurs Yay, Baryonyx and Carnotaurus. And yes genetically modified ones are shit, and should never be done again Fortunately, I saw an interview where one of the writers said that this is going to be the last film to have them in

The granddaughter being a clone was an interesting idea,but then didn’t really do anything with it, seemed like it was just to build up a reason why she decided to release all the dinosaurs

For someone who wanted to see a lot of dinosaurs, and probably more different types than in any other Jurassic film, then there was a lot there.


The sense of smell thing really bugged me. The Indo Raptor in general was quite annoying. Was it just me or was it smiling when it was pretending to be tranquillised?

In general the dinosaurs looked a lot better this time round compared to JW, the additional practical shots really worked, but I felt the Indo Raptor had that weird wet CGI sheen to it that all the dinosaurs in JW did.


The auction prices :rofl: What year did they think it was, 1926?

Other bits that annoyed me:

Why did the iRaptor open the girl’s door when it was just a flimsy glass door and it had previously been smashing through everything?
Why was the iRaptor smiling when it was tricking Bufallo Bill?
Why were all the dinosaurs left completely unguarded on the boat? Why was no one helping the dinonurse save Blue if she was so important?
Why did they need the services of that annoying nerd hacker guy? They must have had spent millions on the whole operation but couldn’t find their own computer guy.
Where did all those dinosaurs come from at the end? We saw a few of them being driven away and then there were even more than before
Are we really supposed to believe the military can’t deal with a dozen dinosaurs on the loose?


Doubt they even broke even on the auction


Also I may have got something in my eye when they left the Brachiosaurus on the dock :cry:


You could swap Paul Pogba for about 20 dinosaurs.


Why was the hunter guy so evil?

Why didn’t they expect to be double crossed after everything that’s happened in this film series?

Why have we never heard of Lockwood before the events of this film?

Silly film.


If that little clone was grown and raised in the US, why does she speak with a British accent? Are all clones British in the Jurassic World canon?


Becayse the housekeeper insisted she spoke the queens


just saw this, absolutely glorious.
obviously looks beautiful but it also sounds so good doesn’t it, great sound design the whole way through and hearing that Ligeti music in the cinema is something else.
not even sure i see its indulgence as a bad thing really, loads of the best art is self indulgent

ending up thinking about the new Arctic Monkeys every time Clavius was mentioned, which also added to the experience


jurassic world 2 really liked the headbutting dinosaur


L’Amant Double - Ozon being very Ozon but had a lot of fun with it, even if the ending was a little too polished for my liking. But it was a masterpiece compared to…

My Friend Dahmer which was tedious beyond belief. Nothing insightful, awful teenage characters with zero backstory or development so impossible to care and a “will this do?” summary at the end. A couple fled half way through and I looked on, longingly.


Jurassic World 2 - enjoyed that the character Franklin had the same hair as the puppet Franklin

the clone thing was the most interesting bit of subplot that they did literally nothing with

why does the iRaptor have such massive arms? Surely they should be just normal at best

Rafe Spall has too nice a face to be a convincing baddy

theres a scene which starts with Chris Pratt knee sliding to pick up a gun and it’s so incredibly pointless but this is how I’m going to pick things up from now on