June 2018 Film DiScussion Thread



it might as well have winked at the camera at one point


they had that drawn out scene in the first JW where they showed a brachiosaur slowly dying. Clearly enjoy exploiting these majestic beasts just to you with our emotions


seeing it at the imax


Ooft! Had no idea they were showing it there, very tempted by that now…


Oh god…


Looks a bit Big Fish

(that’s not good)


I kind of like Big Fish to be honest (as sappy as it is), that and Sweeney Todd are the only Tim Burton films I have any time for since the 90s ended.


I saw it over the weekend. cried a lot.


django is about 3 hours too long


It’s way too long, but I still love it


Wait a minute…


Tim burton shouldn’t be allowed to make films anymore



Have just seen this… excellent adaptation of one of my all time favorite novels.
Charlie Plummer is absolutely wonderful in this, far lesser performances have won oscars.
Will have a Richmond Fontaine binge tomorrow.


watched Blue Collar (1978) last night. was pretty amazing, strong performances all round but the scene with Pryor and Keitel on the porch near the end… Pryor is absolutely amazing. pretty brutal ending too.


Schrader’s new film First Reformed is meant to be his best film in ages


if ewan mcgregor is in it, odds are it’s shite


yeah this is what made me go back and have a look at his stuff i haven’t seen - i remember when he was roped in to that godawful BEE film with Lindsay Lohan a few years ago (haven’t seen it but it is on Netflix) and assumed he’d gone to the dogs these days but the reviews have been surprisingly positive


Yeah looking at his filmography feels like the last time he made anything decent was in the 90s.


just finished Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quais du Commerce 1080 Bruxelles.