June 2019 Film Thread

Godzilla: King of the Monsters is really tanking, they might regret already starting work on Godzilla v Kong now.

watched booksmart

bit shit. fine i guess, but a bit shit.

I absolutely loved Rocketman. So much. I’d go see it again tomorrow.

I hate the Beatles but I do want to go see Yesterday.

I saw the trailer for Late Night after I’d said I’d go see it with my mate but it actually looks really shit and had weird music to it like it’s meant to be a real emotional journey when I thought it was gonna be lols

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I really want to see Last Night

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Ma - Fucking shite. Load of arse this was. Not funny, not clever, not entertaining. Just bad.

Thunder Road - This has one of the most astonishing opening scenes I’ve ever seen frankly. The rest of the film doesn’t scale the same heights but it’s worth it for the opening alone (which apparently is a version of a self-contained short film from the same guy). It’s excruciating and funny and completely heartbreaking and technically brilliant as well. I really enjoyed the film as a whole but the opening is special.

Haha I proper liked this

Really? It’s not my “cup of tea” per se but usually I can find something to enjoy in these schlocky things. This just seemed dire to me. Maybe I wasn’t in the right headspace for it.

Watched infernal affairs last night and it’s really good but with some laughably shit bits in it. Bizarre film

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Yeah I think I just saw it at the right time. It’s full of flaws, and there’s about 300 plot holes in it, but sometimes I find with horror films, if I catch one at the right time, I just go with it.

It’s not one I’d rush out to watch again and I imagine if I did then I’d be down on it, but I just took it for what it was and enjoyed it quite a bit. It did get proper nasty at times as well which I think helped

Godzilla is considerably better than those 1 star reviews have made out. Usually tend to agree with the critics rather than the ‘fanboys’ on these kinds of things but reckon they’re way off base here. The human plot is genuinely awful, granted, but the monster stuff is TOP NOTCH. Really looking forward to Godzilla Vs Kong now.

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thought this was a decent read, 99 really was a great year for movie fans

Superbad - the first third is hilarious, the middle third is a bit dull and it recovers for the final third. 7/10 overall.

just finished the john wick trilogy, absolutely superlative action films. overuse of CGI blood loses them a point so it’s a 9/10 from me. feel like they really deserve their own thread, away from the riff raff of modern cinema tbh.

my favourite bit was in JW 2 when keanu and common are walking through the subway and taking cheeky potshots at each other while trying to stay incognito. wonderful.

so many good kills too.


straight into my best ever trilogies category, alongside the recent planet of the apes. could watch (and have watched) them over and over again and never get bored. so much brilliant world building. so much attention to details. great use of humour. neo and morpheus. so damn good.

gonna go see JW3 again.


hell yeah when i saw larry f and keanu in the same scene i was beaming. definitely going to have to watch them through again, the action is so rapid fire you miss a load of neat little moves.

also keanu is a legit badass from training vids i’ve seen.

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JW1 >>>>>>>>> JW3 >> JW2

john wick 2 is very much a middle chapter, pure bridge work, but i really enjoyed it. i think 3 is so awesome it blows it away tho (literally!)

Its just all over the place - really really feels like a film that was either brutally edited down (even though it’s still 2hrs!!!) or had pretty extensive reshoots. Nobody really does very much, they act oddly throughout. The cast carried over first one aren’t memorable at all so the deaths and sacrifices are just pure :man_shrugging:

Frustrating cos I felt Kong was a decent step up from the first Godzilla.

The new Terrence Malick film is out here in January (though sounds like it’s no improvement on the last few)