June 2019 Film Thread

Diego Maradona is really enjoyable, the footage is fantastic and the focus in on the Napoli period works well ( I thought it would be broader). I really loved the way they tied in the themes of national and local identity with regards to the Argentinians and the Napoli fans.

My only real issue is that I felt his perspective was missing somewhat, given that for once Kapadia’s subject is actually still alive to tell the tale.

World cup!

Murder Mystery

you know what…it’s actually alright. Got a nice old fashioned feel, a solid classic mystery tale at the centre, and it has a few good laughs also David Walliams is barely in it

couple of awful characters though and it’s too long, but it’s a lot better than it has any right to be

Do we think there’s a reason they skip World Cup ‘94, him becoming Argentina manager etc other than there just wasn’t enough time?

I can’t wait to see it. My friend wrote the book its based on and her Instagram is just photos of her on set, hanging out with the actors, having a bloody awesome time. So happy for her :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

No way. That’s great!
I’ve not read the book but the friend I saw it with downloaded it on to her kindle that night! Hope your friend gets a good bump in royalties once it’s out.
Was she cool with the move to Dublin? The director said it was a production budget thing.

I really hope you like it too. It’s a very good film I think

Yeah, she’s worked with them on it since the beginning…think she did the screenplay for them so she’s not just got royalties but pay for that and quite a big say in decisions made as it’s been in production. They all look like best buddies so it seems to have been a dreamy experience for her.

I think it’s just because the period they cover serves as such a perfect microcosm of the man and his career.

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I’m going to watch or rewatch everything by Rohmer. Feeling in that sort of mood. Need to find my old hard drive.

They did a lot of his on Mubi. I wasnt sold…

I love him. Don’t have Mubi but I think I’ve about half his films downloaded from Back in the Day.

Never heard of him before but looked at his filmography and saw that he adapted a story by Kleist, so feel like I gotsta check him out now!

Aww that’s great. I don’t think I said but the director (cool af), Grainger and Shawkat did a Q&A afterwards and they all seemed like they got on really well and had a super good time. Glad your mate is in their gang now

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I’ve got to say I’m a little surprised you know Kleist but don’t know Rohmer

(I mean that in the least snobby way as possible btw)

Is there an obvious connection?! I got to Kleist through an obsession with Kafka, like you would check out a label’s roster. Just watched Arnie films for most of my late teens and early twenties, so there’s probably a lot of catching up to do!

Oh right fair enough!

TBH I was going on the idea of cultural capital- if you know a pretty obscure German writer from a few centuries ago then you probably might know a fairly famous-ish French director from a few decades ago

I’m not really sure of the link between Rohmer and Kleist, ha. Kleist seemed to write very intense religious stories while Rohmer makes quite floaty contemporary dramas.

watched men in black for some reason. was actually fine.

would be good for a flight.


I enjoyed Booksmart but after films like Eighth Grade it was a bit weird how all the high school kids were beautiful models in their twenties

Rocketman - Didn’t hate this which, given I have no fondness for the music of Elton John, I hate musicals and I hate musician biopics, is pretty high praise… One thing I didn’t know was that he didn’t write the lyrics to his songs (this is apparently common knowledge). That really made the way they tried to link the songs to the life moments ring pretty hollow IMO. Like I say though, I didn’t hate it.

Diego Maradona - Absolutely loved this. Like I said earlier it’s a really smart choice to just focus on the Napoli spell as it serves as such a perfect microcosm of him and his career as a whole. Just a horribly sad story that somehow, despite everything he achieved, still gives the impression of wasted talent. Really well put together. As a football lover I just revelled in all the scenes of the post-title win celebrations in the city. When you see how much it means to an entire community it just makes me feel so lucky to be able to love the sport. All of the in-match footage is just so utterly wonderful as well particularly the World Cup stuff, just laced with history and occasion and spectacle. I left with some pretty awful football chants stuck in my head though.

i was wanting to watch maradona (despite knowing nothing about maradona and hating football)

it started too late though