June 2021 Film News/Trailer chat thread

Going to see First Cow tomorrow afternoon. It’s going to be in a concert hall because Hyde Park Picture house is gettin redecorated.

Mia Wasikowska is in it so I assume at some point her character will go on the rampage, her list of film roles is surprisingly bloody


Pretty sure I’d just be in tears watching this


this is going to kill me


Feeling pretty attacked by this

Maybe the 9s just got turned upside down in a freak internet accident?

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Seems weird to go for a film attempt again. Wouldn’t it lend itself to a TV series more? Maybe this sort of thing is too expensive for that.

body is too similar to what you previously posted

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might see Nobody in 4DX tomorrow

anyone seen any films in 4DX?

Never even heard of it. Do you watch the film backwards in time?

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Big fan of this trilogy but not sure what it will be like as a film.

Also I hope she’s got experience of screenwriting of she’s adapting it herself. Just seems like self adaptation can lead to choices based on love for the source over what works on screen so hopefully that doesn’t happen.

Is that the one where the seats vibrate and you get water and gust of wind blown at you?

ooo… from Mubi

(it’s streaming from the 11th, but seeing it in a cinema might be fun)

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fuck I’m busy on wednesday, so up for this film

this looks so shit but it’s the john wick guys so… maybe? where even are there 4DX cinemas? you’ve somehow got me tempted to do the same now…