June 2024 Film News/Trailer chat thread

5th June
Bad Boys: Ride or Die

7th June
Hit Man (Netflix)
The Watched

14th June
Inside Out 2
Sasquatch Sunset
Ama Gloria

21st June
The Bikeriders
Green Border
The Exorcism
Trigger Warning (Netflix)

28th June
Kinds of Kindness
A Quiet Place: Day One
Horizon An American Saga: Chapter One
A Family Affair (Netflix)

Had this on my radar for ages and finally getting a UK release on the 7th, might have to hunt it down.


Amazing poster.

YES but also no

So this is… a thing?


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Anora UK release date - 1st November

This forthcoming Amazon film sounds like NASA Legally Blonde


nicksplat rugrats GIF

probably trying to get it to do the Oscars laps after it won Palme d’or

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A directors cut, a couple of months later, of a film released straight to stteaming. One of the stupidest fucking things I’ve ever heard.

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why can’t he just get his films right the first time ffs

So presuming I’m reading this right, it’s going to be about 5hrs long. Sweet.

Part 1 of a two-part adaptation likely to be released later this year.

It’s got a release date!