June Film Thread 2020

Talk about films and stuff!

Everybody loves letterboxd stats.

23 films (all new to me, all watched at home Obvs)
Best: la Strada; persepolis
Worst: I, tonya; mistress America
Most disappointing: goodfellas

Watched Parasite at the weekend. Not what I was expecting and I really enjoyed it.


40 new films
Best: Quai des Orfevres; Aniara
Worst: Grand Isle

21 new films
Best: Assault on Precinct 13
Worst: The Hunt
Most surprising: Total Recall
Most disappointing: The Blue Dahlia


Joint Best: Little Women and Mad Max: Fury Road

Worst: Dragged Across Concrete

I watched the Hole in the Ground last night, I thought it was ok

Watched Honey Boy last night. Didn’t quite fully come together but there were some great moments and I loved the vibe. If that’s even slightly what his childhood was like then he’s done alright for himself to end up where he is

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I watched Come And See for the first time last night.

So so good. Absolutely nightmarish, but completely compelling.


Best: Opening Night (Cassavetes) or La Strada

Worst: Ghost Town Anthology

33 films

Best - Bait / Our Little Sister
Worst - Cube /Cry Baby

Say it ain’t so Chegg!!


Yeah sorry, I really really didn’t like it :frowning:

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Oh another film I was kind of surprised by was the wolf of Wall Street - I didn’t expect it to be 3 hours of glorifying everything he/they did, with very, very little focus on the crackdown/him getting caught/repercussions. Film doesn’t much like women either hey?

Just felt like a total bro fest


New film thread, new ‘I miss the cinema’ comment. It’s getting worse :frowning:

Only positive is that a socially distanced cinema is basically my ideal way of seeing a film.


the other day I woke up and thought “I’ve got nothing to do today, I should go to the pictures” then remembered why I had nothing to do that day. :frowning:


Watched this on a whim. I generally liked it, but felt it could have done a lot more with the atmosphere it conjures up with that secluded community and the way they’re shook by that single death. Tiny bit of a missed opportunity, in a way

this sort of thing is why that film has not interested me much at all

a film about someone like Jordan Belfort should, as far as I’m concerned, be nothing but condemnatory towards him – the fact that the prick has a cameo in it tells me all I need to know tbh. I know Scorsese is all about depicting without judgement, but there’s a difference between taking this stance with downtrodden characters pushed to extremes as in Taxi Driver or, I guess, Mean Streets to an extent (haven’t seen it in a while) and taking it with a cunt motivated by greed.


In awe of people here getting in 30+ films in a month. Great effort.

11 films
Best: Dr Strangelove
Worst: The Lovebirds

Dr Strangelove only just pips Portrait of a Lady on Fire and The Elephant Man to the title. Straight in there to my favourite films I think.


23 films

Best: Greener Grass, Autumn Sonata, Dog Day Afternoon, Come and See
Worst: Captain Fantastic, The Half of It, Sixth Sense.