June politics thread

maybe they’re just so used to doing that now


Incredible photoshop skills from a local Tory candidate. What’s great is that a) this is actually in Urmston, and b) the sign directly above the photoshopped one says Urmston Town Centre in massive letters


Apparently last time they won it they also lost it (?)

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amazing. looks like the photo was taken and no one realised that it didn’t have the town name in the photo, OR they didn’t know how to crop it in Microsoft Word when they added the image.

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Reckon that’s more to do with Street pretending not to be a Tory than anything else tbf. Mind you, doesn’t help that no other fucker (Byrne or any of the others) have bothered to do any campaigning as far as I can tell.

I’d imagine to most voters it’s a case of the bloke who’s already doing the job (and presumably doing a vaguely competent job of it, given new tramlines, train stations, etc) or someone else they know nothing about.

I know nobody in the general population gave a fuck the first time around, but you’d have at least thought the candidates would put the effort in this time.

Is he just a council candidate or the mayoral candidate don’t have a clue who the Tory candidate is?

Just remember got a leaflet through from an independent candidate who looked like Stath Lets Flats.

I feel sick with worry over the local elections, not even in the Labour Party anymore and they have no chance here but it’s frightening to think we’re heading further right and what that will legitimise in people’s minds and their behaviour.

Wish I could just accept we’ve lost forever and we’re all doomed instead of going through these spikes of anxiety every few months

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That final quote feels so gaslighty. What on earth are they referring to with this “big breach of trust”?


It sounds like there have been huge issues with the Byrne campaign.

Antisemitism, and whatever your views on the depth of that problem in Labour, to imply that that’s the only deep rooted problem of significance is self-deluding as much as anything else.

All of this post was absolutely perfectly summed up and I have nothing to add in the main, except to say that the next leadership challenge cannot come solely from the left. There needs to be a new settlement in the party and it cannot be purely factional. We’re still talking about Starmer and Corbyn like they’re a binary that matters when really they’re just an expression of the schism that New Labour neglected rather than fixed. The reality is that no purge will change the breadth of the party or the need for that party if the left is to be successful in ‘small c conservative’ country that still has a history of acts of radicalism. It might be incredibly hard to build the consensus that we need but that doesn’t change the fact that we need it.



I’m sure it’sbeen discussed already but Paul Williams seems a very odd choice for Hartlepool. Unless Labour know it’s lost and by putting a remain leaning candidate up, one with an OBE no less, they can gauge Keir’s chances more directly?

I dunno, think I’m getting brain worms from all the chat about that seat

I don’t think that the logic extended beyond:

  • He’s a former MP
  • He’s an NHS doctor (did we mention that?). Never mind that he’s in favour of parcelling off bits of the service.
  • He’s friends with the people in the senior roles in the local CLP

That he’s always been pro-Remain is the cause of the first and the last of those.

The seat should have been very retainable. The Brexit Party only stood in seats where they thought they could split the Labour Vote, so to see people constructing this false narrative that all Brexit Party voters would automatically vote anti-Labour anyway is wishful thinking.

Labour faces many problems in seats such as Hartlepool, problems that are twenty five years in the making, but a government that has been in power for over a decade should still not be seen as the protest vote choice.

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He’s a councillor. Just had a peep at the mayoral candidates, what is this guy up to:

Just imagine finishing this statement and thinking, yep, that’ll do:

If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. … Jesus looked at him and said, "How hard it is for the rich to enter the kingdom of heaven! I believe in God. I’m not ashamed I was a altar boy till I was 17 I’m not ashamed I’ve give my life to help the world.” I’m ashamed that these other politicians that would not give a door a bang, get more respect than me” This sitting outside is ridiculous, you more likely to get the Flu, than coronavirus. I promise this MR Media too no more sitting outside. If the PM says anything my answer “sorry you’re majesty I’m not in” “I’m warm in Pub, not outside it”

Friend of mine alerted me to this guy too, who apparently was going to run for mayor but screwed up his application:

Very sensible policies that definitely don’t have any relation to one particular bad thing that happened to him.


Elston was the one we got a leaflet through for. Was just a pamphlet with statues on it well looks like Stath. Had a coat of arms on the leaflet and all.

this good


Think Starmie’s entire reign should be viewed as collective punishment to anyone that dared for one second in believing the Labour party could be an instrument to make better things happen. The fact he’s going to get absolutely caned up and down the country and however many local councils are going to fall into the hands of vampiric land developers and greased back potato-faced failsons is not his fault but ours, he has to fail in order to make us pay. It’s only the message that’s being drummed up now and will be all across the media in a few days’ time. This is your fault, you. You. You.

It’s only when every last person who supported Corbyn has tuned out or is so beaten down they’ll accept anything that the Failman can step down and the real process of rebuilding can begin.

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I’d like to see 'em wriggle outta…


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