June politics thread

CON: 45% (+4)


Priti Patel trying too hard to make the Brit Awards meaningful.

“Home Secretary Priti Patel says the new rules are based on the principle of fairness”

Very fair that being rich and famous lets you in


I don’t think that’s how a cultural victory in Civilization is supposed to work

Probably should be in the Coronavirus thread but:

“The latest update of case numbers of these variants was due to be published on Thursday. But leaked emails seen by the Guardian show the announcement was delayed until at least Friday because of the local elections.” :upside_down_face: isn’t a good enough excuse really.



Did someone say upthread that despite them having everything they want, they’re still not happy and never will be. Absolutely coasting in government, going to remain unchallenged for years to come but it’s never enough is it? Just want to continue absolutely steamrollering the less fortunate while still being confident of having their vote.


To be massively reductive about it (but still not wildly wide of the mark), the past year has provided a brutal insight into what it’s like to go without lots of everyday things that many of us kinda took for granted and are just, y’know, nice things.

And it only takes about a microsecond of contemplation and a morsel of empathy to realise that people in poverty and on lower incomes have always had to put up with these sorts of restrictions, curtailments and generally narrowed options. To realise that those circumstances have been heightened during the last year. And to acknowledge that in the years of recovery ahead, the worst off will be hit hardest and suffer the most.

And yet. And fucking yet. People vote for the Tories in their droves. And Keith’s Labour have been unable to make anything approaching a dent in 'em.

And that’s why we can’t have nice things. :confounded::disappointed::triumph:


Parliamentary commissioner for standards confirms she’s investigating Johnson’s 2019 Caribbean holiday

Aubrey Allegretti

Boris Johnson is under investigation for who paid for his Caribbean holiday with Carrie Symonds over Christmas in 2019.

The parliamentary standards commissioner, Kathryn Stone, confirmed she is investigating a possible breach of the MPs’ code of conduct.

The section specifically referred to says that: “Members shall fulfil conscientiously the requirements of the house in respect of the registration of interests in the register of members’ financial interests. They shall always be open and frank in drawing attention to any relevant interest in any proceeding of the house or its committees, and in any communications with ministers, members, public officials or public office holders.”

The commissioner said the matter under investigation was: “Registration of interest under category 4 of the guide to the rules [Visits outside the UK] in 2020.”

Oh, why fucking bother… :slightly_frowning_face:

we need photo ID to vote in NI and i always forget it’s not a thing elsewhere (and it shouldn’t be, of course)

we at least have a system where people without other forms of ID can apply for a special Electoral ID card just for voting, but it’s still a big obstacle

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I’d say it’s a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist, but the problem is clearly “there are groups of people in society who won’t vote for the Tories”, so it’s not totally true.


It’s a mystery!


More worth asking why even go to the effort when the voting system is already so rigged in his favour and the opposition mostly just scrap amongst themselves.

Guessing this will be knocked back as I don’t think the Bill has been introduced to Parliament yet, but fuck it… signing it means you’ve done something:

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It’s included in the Queen’s Speech today, which has a list of all bills the government is planning to introduce in the coming 12 months.

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AAAAAAAAHHH! fucking fuck everything is so shit!

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Make it harder to vote
Make it harder to protest
Make it harder to immigrate
Make it harder to live

Fuck them and all who vote for them




is the Queen racist?

Don’t think the answer to that is the one you think it is