june. the politics are still happening. have a nibble.

tory leadership election time. who will win even as we all lose. the abyss yawns before us. yemen is burning. and whenever rory stewart isn’t in a scene, everyone who writes for the guardian is now required to ask, “where’s rory?”

i also found this lol

I see the press are losing their shit about migrant boats invading England.
Can see this story being repeated over summer

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gotta hand it to arkan he never bragged about the war crimes he just kept his head down and cracked on


I’ve gone at Rory Stewart in the past but I’m keeping my mouth shut on that now because he’s the only possible PM on the cards (in the short term) who isn’t bragging about how far they can throw the country off a cliff.

Yeah, I’m keeping quiet as well because I too am convinced that the Conservative party gives the slightest fuck what I think.

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This isn’t true. The Saj is bragging about how he hasn’t made his mind up about anything.


I can absolutely imagine a majority of Conservative Party members voting a brown person into leadership.

This is my first and only political thread post.

See you all back in lunch and gaming threads x


He’d win against a remainer. Also, the contest might not get as far as the membership, it didn’t last time.

Can we all shed a clout now that May is out?


Sajid pantsed himself and I’m very much here for it


I like how this exposes that Javid thinks he’s actually somewhere in the running for this job rather than a sideshow with no ideas.

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saw this typically terrible Lilico tweet the other day

but i’ve only just got round to checking out the replies and it’s even worse than that…

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I was really confused by this tweet. Are we meant to know who his dad is or something? does he think that every person who died leading up to the EU referendum means a pause in campaigning?


it would actually explain a lot if it turned out Andrew Lilico is only 12 years old.


It’s funny because I imagine David Mitchell had the exact same set of opinions in 1983 as he does now. Man was born middle aged.


No surprise to see his wife Victoria Coren is part of the Jess Phillips fanclub. All this panel show/British comedy actors brigade are just unbearable.

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quite a weird headline here lads

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imagine the wry dinner parties at “casa” mitchell, in which corbyn is referred to as the red tsar, wryly, on a human face, forever.

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Reset the “days since the Brits were at it again” board to zero, folks