june. the politics are still happening. have a nibble.

Tbf Sturgeon’s mob are more significant that Chuka’s at the moment.

The source code links to http://greem.co.uk/

Which I also enjoyed.


:sparkling_heart: he is the absolute best human in all of existence, so pure and full of light. AND I AM HIS FAVOURITE PERSON which is also incredible #blessed

See also: http://graeme.woaf.net/otherbits/jelly.html

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This is called “cheating”.



Here it is. This is it


Kind of confused by the subsequent response here

The fuck is this guy on

Misread his name as “Dean Gaffney” for a moment which made it even more bizarre.


not sure


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I thought this was Dean Gaffney and had a little chuckle to myself.

What is @blimeycharlie? Chopped liver

probably doesn’t need to be said but this article is constructed very strangely, with the drone video dominating and an article ostensibly about corbyn given over almost entirely to quotes from all manner of government/spook/army cunt that inevitably makes the boy look like a coward and a friend of “terrorists”, while uncritically parroting dodgy intel reports and kind of skipping over that the ship came from a UAE port and the tanker crew have directly contradicted the fast-forming official narrative.

I can think of another plausible route that might keep them in power (also, cram it, churchy)

Emergency appeal to help against serco evicting vulnerable refugees in Glasgow:

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Don’t think this is necessary, it’s not that he’s religious that is a problem, it’s that he uses it to justify his homophobia.


Yeah, apologies, I regret adding that, there was no need, it’s not in any way relevant to what he saying there anyway

i think the vast majority of our media class is actively evil. i mean idk how else to describe their conduct whenever war is on the table.

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genuinely fully believe that our politicians have always been just as shit as ever and the turning of the media class into unashamed scum is what’s kicked us over the line


just imagine foaming at the mouth on tv, in your dumb column, and on twitter because an old man said “hey woah, let’s maybe not kill 1000s of innocent iranians just because a tanker got some mild cosmetic damage”. imagine that.