Junk Mail

Here’s some I received earlier.

Bit weird innit.

That’s the thread.


That’s not junk that’s a bona fide business offer.


We are in a ground floor flat


I wonder what the good cause is. Might give them a ring and find out. Lure them in to conversation with the prospect of a 1991 ocelot or something.

Judging by the mobile number I would say either collector, or collecting for an ill person

I mean, saying it must have the tags means the good cause is them selling them all for lots of money , for themselves.

This has riled me up. Good cause. How conveniently vague of them.

Monk jail

aren’t some beanie babies worth loads of dollar? Probably fishing for people who have them stashed away and dont know theyre worth a bit

Beanieboos are where it’s at now grandad

i bought a beanie baby slug in 2021

you’d think beanie baby nfts would be a thing for a bit