Just a friendly reminder that Perfume Genius is really good

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Motion seconded.


Don’t get it myself.

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didnt think much of the first 2 album/eps, and so i ended up kind of letting too bright pass me by. mate dragged me to see him at primavera that year and it all clicked, one of the best sets i saw the whole weekend.

Put Your Back N 2 It is a modern classic. End of discussion



liked that one ‘Queen’ but that album felt weirdly insubstantial in a way i can’t understand- the production is so flimsy idk what it is

he’s fucking incredible

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Any chance one of you can post a link to his best output (assuming his best stuff isn’t on the first album)?

I went out and bought the first album way back (assume it was the first) and I couldn’t get into it at all. Was so cringeworthy it made my skin crawl.

bit weird, pal

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what is?

Hood and Queen track wise. Can’t be arsed to link them.


Yeah, this is fucking brilliant tbf

He’s like a less good Sufjan innit which is still very high praise. First saw him at Latitude playing that tiny stage in the woods, he was incredible. Saw him at Chats Palace with around 200 other people when he toured the second record and he was still as brilliant. Love this new single.



I didn’t really get too bright, but this new one has absolutely blown me away. It really should have crossover appeal.

I don’t like Sufjan, but love Perfume Genius.

What do you make of that, Einstein?

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