Just a friendly reminder that Perfume Genius is really good

I think you are a wrong’un of the highest order and I’m glad we no longer share a country.

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Not feeling it

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like the new tune, but moreso cos it reminded me to go back to the other albums

so good

eotr will be nice

Nah, he’s Sufjan Stevens mate.

He’s literally nothing like him tbh pal

Oh really? I think he is.

In this recent one his vocals do sound a bit more like sufjan than usual tbf, but he’s far more piano based, uses very different topics/subject matter, less experimental in some ways - usually foraying into (just really good)synthpop etc etc


You flip-flopping bastard! Yeah I’d love to see him for a third time, really hope he plays some smaller venues again for this new record.

New 9 minute epic single up on Spotify, total change of pace from the last album


Sounds a bit like The Field in the final half:

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This is great!

fuuuuuuck this is good

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Jesus, this is so ace. Love the way he’s evolving as an artist. One of the reasons i liked him so much was that he was one of the few artists doing properly ambitious 3 minute pop songs (especially with his last album) this is a hell of a way to break out of that though.

Another song from the show he’s done music for


This was amazing by the way

Just remembered his recent comments on Sharon Van Etten’s tiny desk concert and how much I laughed.


Hope there’s some announcement soon about a whole soundtrack release as these have both been stellar. He is so fucking good.

"Hadreas says he plans to release all of the 11 songs featured in the piece as a standalone album at some point next year. “It was important to me that it was an album, that it’s a listenable thing,”’