Just a heads up for anyone thats into street food

Pupusas are gonna be the next big thing.

Had a load this weekend and they made Arepas look like utter cunts.

Anyone else riding the Pupusa Train?


Had a German Doner Kebab on Friday. It was indoors though.

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Had loads of these when I was in El Salvador. They’re banging. Should have probably started making them when I came back, and I’d be rolling in the pupusa dollar now.

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reminder that i will be having one of these on saturday

Dunno if theres anywhere in London that does them? Probably.

Gonna buy some of the mix from Mexgrocer. Gluten free which is a big benefit.

“Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman, be he alive or be he dead, I’ll grind his bones to make my Pupusa”

I think it only becomes a thing once a few of the London DiS mugs have parted over £10 for one, mate

A pub near me has reopened recently doing Cypriot kebabs and stuff (plus wanker beer ofc). I’m looking forward to trying it out

Your things look decent too

I paid £10 for two scotch eggs ten days ago


£3.50?! they’re missing out on £6.50 extra profit

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Here’s where I went:


Had five:
Cheese and pumpkin
Cheese and beans
Cheese with this edible flower
Cheese and jalapenos

15eur with a mojito. Bring on the El Salvadoreans


who was the second egg for?

You also get this weird sauerkraut type stuff with it, which was a pleasant addition.

Had been weighing up a trip to Madrid anyway. This could be a deal maker.

i read the population of el salvador the other day and was surprised by it

Also found an incredible bar run by a practitioner (?) of Brazillian voodoo that does some of the best cocktails I’ve ever had and had some other amazing South American food so if that floats your boat I’d definitely recommend Madrid. Second time going but it blew me away this time, loads of little things to discover.

someone guess it and then look it up and tell me if you’re surprised

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The cheese and bean one, though it was the only one I used hot sauce on and I think thats what improved it.

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4 million?

Just looked it up. Not really surprised.