Just a heads up that it's 11 o'clock

the time is going really quickly with all this new stuff and flicking between the old and new

plus i was in late today (just after 10, I don’t have a good excuse, or any excuse really)

ooh, I’ve just noticed the views, I’d like to have been able to see if anyone looked at my podcast thread in the old dis. No one replied.

polka dots!!!


11 o’clock! I should probably do some actual work rather than messing about with the new forum…oh well.

Is ‘elevenses’ still a thing? It’s a good name for an eating time.

just ate a peach and a jaffa cake (m&s)

My Dad Wrote A Porno


tried to post a picture of a polka dot cycling jersey BUT NEW USERS CANT POST IMAGES?!?!?!

ahm oot.


post a bit more and you’ll be able to

can use html to as well, i think?

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well this is it