Just a little thing I wanted to talk about

A man runs a workshop for businesses, dont want to say too much because Google. But he runs it every now and then in our office at work with some of our clients so I get to hear him run through it many times and notice how he says the same thing at the same points as though they’re spontaneous but it’s actually rehearsed.

There’s a bit where he shows a video and then asks “what does that tell you about the product?”. Someone will, everytime, say “strength” or “power” and everytime he’ll respond, “So, [their name], I bet when you were at school the teacher used to say to you, [their name], listen. to. the question.”

Immediate awkward atmosphere… he’s just told off this person and they’re now embarrassed and probably think he’s a prick. Yet he does it everytime. Why does he do this?

Easier way to assert dominance than pissing on the floor.

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Is he trying to sell the product? If so you’re going bankrupt in the year m4

No he’s trying to make their business better, not selling anything

If it’s a dominance thing you’d think it might be near the start, but it’s about 4 hours in

Get. Their. Attention.


there’s your answer


I’m actually getting angry thinking about it now. TRY SAYING THAT TO ME MATE.

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Reckon my response would be “I did listen to the question.”

Can you waltz in before he says it, and say it verbatim to him?


Would love to do this, when I hear him play the video

“He’s going to ask you a question here, and the obvious response will be something along the lines of strength and power. He will then humiliate you by implying that you never listened to questions at school because your answer was wrong. Cheers.”


Sorry would have helped if I’d read the first line of your first post wouldn’t it

So, tilty, I bet when you were at school…


The way I worded my reply to you made it sound like I was being defensive of him, “no he’s trying to make their business better” lol, only said that because I don’t want to use the actual word that describes what he does incase he finds it on Google

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Constant states of training are how corporations like to keep workers feeling insecure

I bet when you were at school your teacher used to say, barleysugar, listen. to. the question.

Haha, yeah. I bet when you were at school the teacher used to… I dunno, shut the fuck up you cunt. I’m going home you’ve ruined my fucking day. Fuck off.


What’s the right answer to the question?

Because it doesn’t actually tell them anything about the product. It’s a trick question basically.

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Just tell someone the correct answer

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